• Electricity connection in Kolomna

    By purchasing a piece of land as a property, the owner begins to think with horror (and, sometimes, he just tries not to think so as not to set himself up for negative) about how great work remains ahead. Namely - summing up communications to an unconnected area. In the Kolomna district there are still corners to which no light has been connected, neither light, nor gas, nor water supply.

    Candles, of course, romantic, but electricity is practical. Especially if you purchased an empty building plot. At least it will have to light up before starting work. And then there is a powerful and unwieldy bureaucratic machine on your way, which you will have to confront for a very long period of time.

    This is not fear. This is a statement of facts. At the beginning there are waiting lists, then a long list of documents that need to be collected only in order to receive permission. Then - not always sweet, - the expectation of this very permissive document.In which, not the fact that it will be spelled out exactly the number of volts and kilowatts, which will be able to provide you a comfortable existence. And again in a circle - papers, cabinets, papers, papers, papers ... Onelectricity connection in Kolomnahave to spend a lot of energy! Vital. But it, like electric energy, needs to be saved and, if spent, then on more pleasant things than upholstering the bureaucratic cabinets!

    “What to do?” - you ask. - “The XXI century is in the courtyard. Sitting without electricity is a bad alternative to keeping peace of mind. "

    And there is a way out!

    Yes, there will be light!

    Our company will help you to connect electricity to the house in Kolomna. It will take you only a little time to visit our office with your problem. Then we will start working with your problem.

    • We will save your money, nerves and time.

    • We ourselves will design all the necessary documents.

    • Our experts will install the pillars and counters.

    As a result, you become the owner of a fully electrified section. And time it will take not endless months, but, literally, few days!

    You still have doubts thatconnection of light in Kolomna- easy, fast, pleasant and low-cost procedure? So you just haven't contacted us.

    In the Kolomna district, many sites are already connected to the power grid with the help of our company.

    Appreciate the time you are losing in numerous corridors, obtaining coordination, permits, approval, etc. Devote this time to family and work.

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