• Comfortable bedside tables: 12 original interior ideas

    Few people guess that the usual bedside table had previously completely different functionality. In the Middle Ages, temperamental Italians kept firearms inside a drawer by the bed. A little later, by the eighth century, scrupulous Frenchmen began to use the cabinet to hide the chamber pot from prying eyes. Assessing the full benefit of the fact that you can have a thousand small things on hand, they also endowed this piece of furniture with the functionality that is familiar to us.

    Comfortable and practical cabinets are an integral part of the interior. Showing a little imagination, they are easy to make from the improvised material. Creative ideas will help transform the room, designed in different styles.

    1. Graceful console table

    Old furniture with figured legs sawn in half and attached to the wall will become a spectacular console in the style of Provence. In the course can go tables, chairs or bookshelves.Depending on the desired effect, the design can be painted in one of the bright colors or stand in the same range with other furniture.

    2. The new life of the old box

    An ordinary box from the old table, complemented by a tabletop of suitable size, will become a spectacular hanging nightstand. This design is appropriate for rooms designed in different styles: from vintage to modern.

    3. A suitcase in a retro style suitcase

    Ordinary old suitcases, long written off for scrap, can be easily turned into a spacious nightstand. If there are fantasies, the options are different.

    4. Retro again

    It is easy to use an old plate as a table top for an open bedside table. The base can be a self-bent wire construction, as well as legs bought in a store or a flower stand.

    5. Purely masculine approach to creating bedside.

    The building blocks together form an interesting design. A nightstand of such an unusual kind is suitable for a loft-style room. If you want to get rid of the roughness of it is easy to open a transparent varnish.

    6. An unusual way to use a barrel

    Turning upside down the barrel will become a spectacular curbstone of cylindrical shape. If desired, it is easy to paint, add inscriptions or a picture. Metal barrel should be treated with an anti-corrosion compound. In plastic it is easy to make an opening, which will allow you to get an open niche.

    7. New Role of the Box for Vegetables

    Ideally fit into the situation of a room in a rustic style, a nightstand from a traditional vegetable box. If desired, it is easy to paint in the desired color or simply varnish.

    8. Natural beauty of untreated wood

    Bonded together logs or single hemp with or without bark will become a chic bedside table for a room decorated in ecostyle. If desired, the design is easy to complement the wheels.

    9. Bedside table out of the cage

    If your pet for some reason lives in a cage, then it can also be used sensibly. 🙂

    10. Alternative use of stairs

    On the folding ladder with steps it is easy to fit a lamp, books and other trifles. An additional element of the decor will be living plants.

    11. Chairs also come in handy.

    Several stools moved together or without upholstered chairs can be easily turned into a bedside table.

    12. When books are already read.

    Piles of tied books or magazines can become an original nightstand. If desired, the cover can be glued to make the design more sustainable.

    Which bedside table to give preference, everyone decides on their own. Based on the proposed ideas, you can think of your own version.

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