• Coat for baby knit with braid pattern

    Coat for babyknitting with a pattern of braids.

    Materials and tools:

    1. yarn (wool 25%, acrylic 75%, 130m / 50g)  300g;
    2. straight spokes No. 2.5 and No. 3.5;
    3. 7 buttons.


    Size: height 62-68 cm.

    Pattern Description

    The diagram shows only the front rows, purl knit in the figure. Repeat from the 1st to the 4th row.

    Knitting description


    We collect on the spokes number 2.5 82 loop. Knit a 2.5 cm rubber band 2x2 (2 persons., 2 external). In the last row, add 18 loops evenly. Next, go to the spokes number 3.5 and knit a pattern of braids from the arrow A according to the scheme. After 20.5 cm from the rubber band, we close on each side 3 loops for the armhole. For the bevels of the shoulder we close on both sides 15 loops at a height of 33.5 cm from the elastic, and in the next row again 15 loops on each side. And at a height of 34.5 cm from the gum close the remaining loops.

    Right shelf

    On the spokes number 2.5, we collect 38 loops. Knit a 2.5 cm elastic band 2x2. In the last row we add evenly 9 loops.We change the needles to No. 3.5 and knit further the pattern of "braids" according to the scheme, starting from the arrow D. So we continue to a height of 12.5 cm from the elastic. Then we put 11 loops to the right, 4 loops to the left, and on the remaining 32 loops we knit with a 2 cm elastic band - this will be a pocket strip, then close these loops. And for burlap pocket, we collect 32 loops and knit on the pattern. After 12.5 cm from the edge of the set we put off these 32 loops. And now you need to put together on the knitting needle the previously pending 11 loops on the right, 32 loops of the burlap pocket and the pending loops on the left. We continue the pattern from the "braid". On the left side we perform an armhole and a bevel of the shoulder in the same way as we did when knitting the back. At a height of 34.5 cm from the gum lay the remaining loops.

    Left shelf

    We knit all symmetrically right.


    Recruit 42 loops on the needles number 2.5. Knit a 3.5 cm elastic band 2x2. In the last row add 10 loops evenly. Again, go to the spokes number 3.5 and knit the sleeves with a pattern of "braids" according to the scheme, starting from the arrow B. In each 2nd row you will need to add 1 loop on both sides 19 times, so that the sleeves take on the correct shape. After 11.5 cm from the gum, we knit another 1 cm and close the loops.


    First, perform the shoulder seams of the shelves and back. Then we translate on the circular needles the postponed 14 loops of the right shelf, we collect an additional 66 loops, translate the delayed 14 loops of the left shelf (the total is 94) and knit a pattern from the "braid" to a height of 18 cm. Close the loops.


    We sew the upper seam of the hood. Lower its edge sewn to the neckline of the back (the edge of the hood while you can slightly priposadit). We insert the sleeves, perform the side seams and the seams of the sleeves. Now we knit the plan. To do this, we collect on the circular needles around the edges of the shelves and hood a total of 292 loops and we sew a 3 cm elastic band. Do not forget at a height of 1.5 cm on the right lath - for the girl or on the left lath - for the boy we evenly make 7 holes for the buttons (if the buttons are small, then it is enough to tie 2 loops together along the pattern and make a crochet). Close the buttonholes and sew on the buttons.

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