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    Every woman, at least once in her life, faced a familiar situation: I have absolutely nothing to wear! Looking at the shelves of the home cabinet, under the very refusal, filled with colorful blouses and dresses, sometimes you still do not find anything you need among such a vast variety.

    And then you have to choose - either to run to the shops in search of something suitable, or, with obvious displeasure, try to pick up from what is available.

    There are other situations when a suit or dress will be needed only for one event: buying for this and spending a considerable amount of money seems to be unreasonable, but there are no other options. These situations are familiar to many: the wedding, pregnancy, costume party or matinee in the kindergarten of the child.

    Any of these events implies a very short use of the thing, but at a price they can be very expensive. What can we say about the wedding dress - some chic models can hang under the price tags with prohibitive amounts, and after all, you want to look perfect on this day!

    The same applies to pregnancy: sometimes you have to buy a new dress for one or two outlets, which is not very happy for future moms.

    That is why recently a new fashionable rental service for clothes is becoming more and more popular. Such organizations can specialize in any one direction, for example, wedding or evening dresses, and can combine a fairly extensive range, starting with thematic outfits for parties, ending with carnival or evening costumes.

    Especially actively, recently, the service of clothes for hire for pregnant women is developing: there you can choose a beautiful outfit, for example, for a photo shoot or a solemn evening, without worrying about it, perhaps you will never wear it again.

    Features of the rental service

    For the convenience of customers, such enterprises usually organize some kind of office or a real exhibition hall, where you can see the possible options, try on the ones you like and apply for a future reservation. Sometimes all the available options can be presented by the company on their personal website, which is also convenient - you just have to go to the salon and try on what you have already selected on the Internet.

    Most often, dresses or suits are rented for a short period of time, for example, for 3 days, and each subsequent day will be paid separately, being considered a fine for the delayed time.

    Self-respecting rental services always rent clean and fresh clothes, which must be dry-cleaned before it reaches the next customer.

    This moment, by the way, needs to be stipulated in advance so that no unpleasant incidents come out: clothes with foreign smells or even worse, stains or some kind of clues can spoil your mood for the upcoming event, and fix something is not easy.

    In addition, it must be remembered that for renting the dress you like will have to leave some sort of pledge: more often, it is 50-70% of its cost, the rent is paid separately. After the dress returns to service, the deposit is returned.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    When you can not decide - to rent or still buy the necessary thing, you need to weigh all the pros and cons of the rental option, because there are plenty of them here.


    • Such prokaty, most often, can offer a fairly wide range of clothes, almost everyone will be able to pick up what she needs.If this is a wedding or evening dress, then the assortment can be presented and models of the latest collections, which would be very expensive to buy. In addition, you can always take a chance, choose something extraordinary, in general, an outfit that you would never decide to buy. After all, having passed it back to rent, you do not have to worry about the question - where then to put such a "beauty".
    • One of the main advantages is, of course, the price. Paying an impressive amount for a thing that you probably don’t wear more than once is not serious, especially if your finances are very limited. For example, buying a dress during pregnancy for only one photo shoot is stupid, because it is better to spend this money on an unborn child, rest assured, there will be really a lot of purchases! Rental will solve this problem - and you will save, and you will be able to show yourself in the best light.
    • All those things that are bought at one time, then only litter cabinets - there is nowhere to store them, but it is a pity to throw them away, because they are almost new or have a special meaning for you (for example, a children's dress from the first matinee, etc.).


    • Not everyone can safely treat that he will have to put on a thing that already before it was worn by a completely strange person - with his energy. Especially it concerns wedding dresses - it is not very pleasant to realize that several brides have already tortured their luck before you, perhaps. And, what is the saddest thing, there are even such dresses that are secretly called “with a bad history” - outfits in which the brides were never destined to get married, they might have been returned because of some kind of disagreement or some other unpleasant incidents. Although, if you do not consider yourself to be superstitious people, then you can not worry about it.
    • Dresses or rented outfits do not always fit perfectly on the figure, in a few minutes of fitting it is difficult to see all its details, and the next time you can see it only on the eve of the event.
    • An outfit that was accidentally damaged during the rental period (holes, puffs, spots) will have to be paid according to the fines system, which can be very expensive.
    • Some things are still very pleasant to keep all your life, you never know, when and for what they can still be useful to you. Therefore, if there is an opportunity to buy a cherished dress after all - perhaps it will be more reasonable.
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