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    Exaltation of the Cross

    September 27, 2014 marks one of the greatest divine holidays - the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Since this church holiday coincides with the end of field work and the harvest, a lot of folk signs and beliefs are associated with it.


    Roman pagan emperors tried to completely destroy in humanity the memories of the sacred places, where our Lord Jesus Christ suffered for people and was resurrected. The emperor Adrian (117-138) ordered the land of Golgotha ​​and the Holy Sepulcher to be covered with earth, and a temple of the pagan goddess Venus and a statue of Jupiter be erected on an artificial hill. Pagans gathered at this place and made idolatrous sacrifices. However, after 300 years of the Divine Providence, the great Christian shrines - the Holy Sepulcher and the Life-Giving Cross were again found by Christians and open to worship. This happened under Constantine the Great, Equal to the Apostles (Comm. 3 June), the first of the Roman emperors to stop persecuting Christians.Seeing in the sky the sign of God - the Cross with the inscription "Thom triumph", Constantine set out to find the Cross on which our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified, and for this purpose sent his mother, Queen Helen, to Jerusalem. For a long time her searches were unsuccessful. Finally, she was pointed to an old Jew who said that the Cross is buried where the Venusian temple stands. They demolished the temple and discovered under it the Holy Sepulcher and near it three crosses, a tablet with the inscription made at the command of Pilate, and four nails that pierced the body of the Lord. To find out on which of the three crosses the Savior was crucified, Patriarch Macarius alternately laid the crosses on the deceased. When the Cross of the Lord was laid, the dead came to life. The assembled Christians asked Macarius to raise, to erect the Cross, so that everyone could, even from afar, contemplate it. In Constantinople, Helen brought with her a Life-giving Tree and nails. Constantine ordered to erect a temple in Jerusalem in honor of the Resurrection of Christ, which included the Holy Sepulcher and Golgotha. The temple was consecrated on September 26 (13). The following day, the celebration of the Exaltation of the Holy and Life-giving Cross was established.See also all church holidays in September and a convenient calendar, where all Orthodox holidays are distributed by months. It is convenient to see what today is the church holiday of September.

    what is the holy day of september 27

    What is the church holiday on September 27

    What to do on the Exaltation:

    This day among the peasants was strongly associated with the export of crops from the fields, as well as with the "cutting" of cabbage. And now it is recommended on September 27 to collect cabbage in the gardens and cook various food from it.

    What is impossible in this day:

    • Walk in the forest
    • Pick mushrooms and berries
    • Start a new business
    holiday of September 27

    Feast of the Eve of September 27

    Signs on September 27, Exaltation, Church Holiday

    • It is warm in summer.
    • Zdvizhenje - bread from the field to the barn moves.
    • Exaltation - the last mop from the field moved.
    • Exaltation autumn moves towards the winter.
    • Vozdvizhenskie zazimki does not matter, something will say Pokrov-father.
    • He pulls the caftan off his shoulders and pulls the sheepskin coat.
    • On Vozdvizhenie the bird flew away in flight.
    • On this day, the bear lies in the den.
    • Geese fly high in Vozdvizhenia - to high floods, low - to shallow.
    • Snakes roll up in a ball, hiding under rotten stumps, fall into hibernation.
    • Leshie allegedly drove in this day in one place all the beast subject to them, as if doing a review before the coming winter. For this reason, you cannot go to the forest.
    • The peasants everywhere believed that the day of the Exaltation belonged to those in which it was not necessary to begin any important business, since everything started on that day or will end in complete failure, or will be unsuccessful and useless.
    • From Elevation began to cut cabbage.
    • Have a good man on Vozdvizhenov day and a pie with cabbage.
    • On Vozdvizhenie began cabbage, cabbage, cabbage evenings, which lasted two weeks.
    • Young people started a party - a skit, starting a sit-round.

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