• Christmas tree out of the candy box

    Many people ask: how to decorate a house for the New Year holidays? Let's create together a little sister of a big New Year tree from a candy bag. 1. For work you will need: packaging from sweets, plasticine or plaster, colored paper or foil. We used gold-colored packaging. If you take the packaging from candies of a different color, respectively, you will get a Christmas tree of a different color, experiment.
     an empty candy box
    2 photos. From the package of sweets, we cut out the branches of the Christmas tree. The more curved the leaves will be, the more interesting the Christmas tree will be. Cut the top of your head.
     cut the branches of the Christmas tree
    3 photos. The frame for the Christmas tree is a cone, the cone is made of plasticine. Its height will depend on the height of the herringbone itself. You can replace plasticine with gypsum, salt dough.
     frame from plasticine
    4 photos.On the cone we glue the foil. We took the packaging and the foil of the same color, but you can use different colors. If you use foil and packaging in different colors, but not the same as ours, then the Christmas tree will turn out even more interesting.
     Sticking Foil on a Cone
    5 photos . In the plasticine cone, we inject the branches. Moving from the bottom to the crown.
     inject branches
    6 photos. Attach the top of the Christmas tree top. The craft is ready.
    attach the crown
     perfectly decorates your home
    You can put the resulting Christmas tree anywhere , because it does not take up much space. At the same time, it will perfectly decorate your home, because it is so bright.
     Christmas tree from candy packaging

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