• Christmas table: Russian traditions

    What Christmas dishes served in the old days to the holiday table in Russia, you can easily cook today.
    Roast goose
    Roast goose

    The main place on the Christmas table is given to meat and poultry. Not for nothing, in the old days for Christmas, they slaughtered cattle, salted and smoked ham, stuffed a suckling pig and pork head, made sausage. But all these festive dishes were exhibited on the table of the 7th, and on the 6th - on Christmas Eve - with the first star it was customary to break the fast with sochiv (another name - colivo, kutya) - sweet cereal made from wheat, rice or other cereal with honey, also mashed poppy or almond.

    What are the traditional Russian dishes served to the Christmas table in Russia, it is easy to do now?

    1. Goose or duck with apples

    A goose or a duck stuffed with Antonov apples is the main hot dish on the Christmas table. To cook the goose, the gutted carcass must first be singed, rinsed, freed from excess interior fat, rubbed on the outside and inside with salt and leave to salt for a couple of hours.After that, the carcass is stuffed with sliced ​​apples (you can also add cranberries) and sew up with thread. Goose fits back into a deep pan, where a little water is poured. As soon as the carcass begins to turn pink in the oven, water it with grease every 15–20 minutes.

    • Remaining goose secrets

    For reference:

    Christmas post(also the Fourth Century, Filippov Post, in the popular language of Filippovka) is an Orthodox forty-day post established in honor of the Nativity of Christ, one of the four multi-day posts of the church year. Observed from November 15 (28) to December 24 (January 6) inclusively and ends with the feast of the Nativity of Christ. Zagovhenia (the eve of fasting) - November 14 (27) - falls on the day of memory of the holy Apostle Philip; therefore, the fast is also called Filippov.

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