• New Year's ball of beads

    Since the New Year's ball turns out to be very heavy because of nails, I recommend buying the basis of the smallest foam ball base - not 7 cm in diameter, like mine, but 5 or even 4 cm. I took translucent square beads of different colors 5mm in size, strung for long, at least 2cm (otherwise they would fall out) cloves.
     ball of foam
    I took a wire 1.5mm 9cm long, attached from one side to the holder for the keychain.
     beads with nails
    New Year's ball of beads
    On the other hand, as you can see from the photo, I made a loop with round-nose pliers so that the ball would not fall off the mount.
     New Year's ball of beads with your own hands
    This is such a ball! Weight already 120 grams! I do not know how he will stay on the tree, but even just as a souvenir will decorate the house.

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