• Chicken with oranges - tasty and affordable dish

    Chicken - a universal and affordable product, from which you can cook a lot of dishes: both simple and festive, exquisite. This ingredient will be given special spicy and unique taste by oranges. And such an unusual combination will surely please even the most capricious gourmets!

    Cooking options

    Chicken and oranges are a great combination. Citrus fruits make chicken meat softer, endow it with a special appetizing aroma, give a piquant interesting taste. Another plus is the bright color of the dishes. But how delicious to cook chicken and oranges? Below are considered the most successful options.

    Option One

    Put out the chicken with ripe oranges and ginger. This dish is easy to prepare and is combined with different side dishes. And you will need these products:

    • 1.5 kg of chicken thighs (about 6-7 pieces, depending on the size);
    • five small teeth of garlic;
    • a piece of fresh ginger root about 3x3 centimeters;
    • two onions of medium size;
    • some dried rosemary;
    • nutmeg - literally on the tip of a knife;
    • two oranges;
    • to taste the salt.


    1. First, wash the chicken thighs well and dry, and then rub with salt and a mixture of nutmeg and rosemary. Let the chicken roast in this form for at least 15 minutes.
    2. In the meantime, deal with oranges. 1.5 pieces after washing cut straight with the skin into thin rings. And from the remaining half, squeeze out all the juice.
    3. Peel the onions, cut them into rings. Ginger is also cleaned, after which it is cut into very thin slices.
    4. Prepare the tank. This can be a thick-bottomed saucepan, a wide duckling, or a tall pan (preferably with a non-stick coating).
    5. If you are afraid that the products will burn, the bottom of the container is pre-lubricated with oil. Next, start stacking all the components. First, put a few of the stalks, cover them with a piece of onion, ginger and orange rings on top, then put the chicken back, and on top of it the remaining oranges with onions and ginger. All this pour squeezed fresh citrus juice.
    6. Next, turn on the stove, close the lid tightly and place it on a medium fire.When everything starts to seethe, make the fire a minimum.
    7. The dish will stew for about 45 minutes. Now you can open the lid, enjoy the stunning scent, try a culinary masterpiece and serve it to the table.

    Option Two

    Chicken is very tasty if you bake it with oranges in the oven. A set of ingredients will be:

    • carcass about 1700-1800 grams;
    • about 0.5 kg of juicy and ripe oranges;
    • full tablespoon of salt (better than finely ground);
    • half a large head of garlic or whole small;
    • 120-150 ml of fat sour cream or classic natural mayonnaise;
    • ground pepper;
    • oil (olive or sunflower).

    Process description:

    1. A whole chicken carcass should be thoroughly washed and then dried. Interiors remove if they are available.
    2. Oranges are washed or lightly cleaned with a brush (they are used in the dish with a peel, so they are not completely cleaned). Next, cut your citruses into thin rings.
    3. To get the sauce, mayonnaise or sour cream mix with salt, ground pepper and pre-cleaned and chopped garlic.
    4. Now proceed to the stuffing. First, make neat cuts in the skin and place orange rings over the entire surface of the carcass. Secondly, fill the chicken with orange rings from the inside.
    5. Then grease the chicken carcass with the prepared sauce, place it in foil, wrap it and send it to an oven heated to 190 degrees.
    6. Forty minutes later, open the foil and cook another 20 minutes for the chicken to redden its surface and cover with a beautiful crust.
    7. Done! You can divide the carcass and lay it on plates.

    Option Three

    If you want to bring something light, interesting and simple to the table, then make a savory salad. It will include the following products;

    • 400 grams of chicken fillet (can be replaced with the breast);
    • three rather large and very ripe oranges;
    • 130 grams of any hard cheese;
    • four eggs;
    • carrot;
    • tablespoon of vinegar;
    • butter;
    • for dressing mayonnaise or sour cream.

    Preparation consists of the following steps:

    1. First do carrots. Grate it or cut it with a thin straw with a special knife for Korean snacks, mix it with vinegar and leave for 30-40 minutes.
    2. Wash the fillet and brown it in butter in a frying pan on both sides, and then under the lid, simmer for about 10 minutes to give softness and juiciness. When the chicken has cooled, you can cut it into quite thin, long pieces.
    3. Eggs boil hard and either cut with straws, or rub.
    4. Cheese rubbed on a grater.
    5. After cleaning, cut the oranges in long slices of small thickness.
    6. Next, the salad is formed by layers. The first will be chicken, the second will be marinated carrots, the third will be oranges, the fourth will be eggs and the last will be grated cheese. Each layer is not very abundantly smeared with sour cream or mayonnaise, sprinkled with salt.
    7. It remains to send the salad at least an hour in the fridge so that it is well soaked and cooled before serving.

    Fourth option

    This recipe is also simple, but very interesting. Prepare:

    • 10 medium sized chicken drumsticks;
    • three fairly large oranges;
    • a red onion;
    • 15 grams of ginger root (fresh);
    • three garlic cloves;
    • three tablespoons of natural liquid honey;
    • a couple of tablespoons of refined vegetable oil;
    • basil or other fragrant herb;
    • salt.


    1. Wash the drumsticks and fry in a pan in the pan on medium heat for 4-5 minutes on each side.
    2. Two oranges, clean and grind, for example, in a blender. Next, in a puree of citrus, enter the previously crushed ginger, peeled through a press of peeled garlic, honey and salt, and aromatic herbs. Mix thoroughly until smooth.
    3. The remaining one orange with peel is cut with rings. Onion after the cleansing is also cut into rings.
    4. Spread the butter on the form (you can use the one on which the chicken was fried), place the roasted drumsticks in it, put the sliced ​​onions and oranges on top of them and pour over all the citrus flavored marinade.
    5. The dish will be cooked in the oven at 190 degrees for about 50-60 minutes. Serve it better hot.

    Now you know how interesting and successfully combine oranges and chicken in cooking.

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