• Characteristics of men and women Lviv in the year of the Rooster

    Liana Raymanova October 26, 2017

    The man, whose character is influenced by the formidable Leo and the warlike Rooster, representsextraordinary personality. He is strong in spirit, ambitious, fair. No other sign can boast such an enviable sense of purpose, as Leo-Rooster. If the representatives of this astrological combination conceive something important, they willachieve the desired. At the same time they can go to the goal for years, sweeping away all the obstacles in their path: despite all the obstacles, Leo-Rooster will still carry out the planned!

    The man of these signs loves to hand out instructive advice, but does not like to accept them. He is proud and vain, he wants to be the first in everything. Many good deeds are done by the Lions-Roosters, primarily for the sake of receiving the praise they really need. But often the cause of helping others becomes the innate generosity of the sign.

    Characteristics of men and women Lviv in the year of the Rooster

    Leo-Rooster is proud and conceited, wants to be first in everything

    Indeed, despite the powerful, even formidable character, such people are extremelykind and compassionate. Whatever their motives, but they like to do good deeds and know how. They make excellent volunteers and social workers.

    Leo-Rooster is a talented organizer who can plan almost any event. People around him appreciate him for a cheerful disposition and a relaxed sense of humor, this person charges with a positive literally everything and everyone.

    Representatives of the combination described do not skimp on good deeds, but when it comes to finances, they are more than economical. Lions, born in the Year of the Rooster, know how to handle money and know how to spend it most successfully: their intuition is most clearly manifested in the aspect of material well-being.

    In the work of Leo-Rooster hardy, persistent and stubborn. He likes to command others, loves to rule over the situation.

    However, the authoritarian character is manifested in the personal life of this person, causing him a lot of trouble.

    The representative of the astrological combination of Leo-Rooster tends to be too proactive. His vanity quickly turns into narcissism, which is also not particularly like others. To top it off, Leo the Rooster can not tolerate other people's instructions, especially critics.Even if all friends and relatives will chorus about mistakes in the behavior of the Rooster, he is unlikely to listen, because they are often too sure that he is right. Reaching out to this person is almost impossible, for this you need to have a special diplomatic talent.

    Characteristics of men Lviv, born in the year of the Rooster

    Male Leo-Rooster - a pronounced careerist. He has high ambitions and many qualities that contribute toachieve a good result:activity, energy, perseverance, dedication. A representative of this combination seeks power, feels most comfortable in a high management position. He is not afraid of responsibility, the more people have subordination - the more he is proud of himself. Success shines him and in the development of their own business.

    Characteristics of men Lviv, born in the year of the Rooster

    Male Leo-Rooster - a pronounced careerist with high ambitions

    Whatever direction Leo-Rooster chooses, he will give 100% of his best, trying to achieve the best result. He is not suitable for work on which there is no career prospects. If a male Rooster will work in a low-skilled position, he will waste enormous energy reserves in vain.

    But the Lions-Roosters themselves are not eager to waste their precious resources on poorly paid work.They love moneyand by all means try to multiply their own financial well-being. Rooster is not in vain considered the most prosperous sign in the horoscope - in most cases, his representatives really get to achieve material well-being.

    The character of Leo, born in the Year of the Rooster, determines vanity and the need to be the center of attention. A man of these signs is hungry for the praise of others, he just needs to bathe in the rays of glory. Problems with this usually do not arise - being an extraordinary person, the Rooster easily attracts everyone’s attention. Sometimes he deliberately plays to the public, but the public can also be interested in natural behavior.

    Lev-Rooster values ​​his authority, therefore he prefers not to express his point of view if he is not well versed in the topic under discussion.

    But if this man talks about a well-known subject, then he will prove his opinion with foaming at the mouth. Almost always he turns out to be right, because if he says, it means that he doesn’t doubt in the rightness of his judgment.

    Born in the year of the Rooster guy Leo possesseswell developed intuition. He often uses it in his working interests, disregarding logical arguments. In his personal life, the sixth sense of the Rooster almost does not manifest itself, so he is forced to be guided by his own, not always constructive, arguments.

    Imperfections of the mark

    Thanks to the responsiveness and cheerful nature of Leo-Rooster easily makes interesting acquaintances in a friendly field. He has many friends and friends, but they all have to be men. In communication with the opposite sex, the Rooster loses its inherent sociability and becomes an unusually poor companion. He does not know how to make compliments to girls, but at every opportunity he notices shortcomings.

    Few representatives of the weaker sex are happy with this attitude, therefore love failures prevail in the personal life of Leo-Rooster. In proportion to the replenishment of their number, the complexion of representatives of the sign grows - with age they become even more closed. To get rid of this minus, they needbe more relaxedin dealing with women and treat them more respectfully.Otherwise, the Lion-Rooster risks passing through life in proud solitude.

    Imperfections of the mark

    In communication with the opposite sex, the Rooster loses its inherent sociability

    Characteristics of a female Leo, born in the year of the Rooster

    The rooster lioness is intelligent, insightful and calculating. Peculiar to herresponsibility and accuracysuch women tend to maintain order in everything. Like men presented signs, they like to hand out advice, criticism is also painful.

    The Lion girl, born in the year of the Rooster, is a vivid example of the fact that the combination of mind and beauty in a woman is not a myth

    She devotes a lot of time to taking care of her own appearance and loves to dress elegantly. She has her own unique style, her own charisma. The representatives of the mark are verycharming, have a cheerful nature and love to communicate. In this regard, such girls rarely lack male attention.

    But even if around her hundreds of fans will be greeted, the Lioness-Rooster will not be in a hurry to start a relationship with them. At first, she will take a closer look at a potential partner, assess all the benefits and prospects, and try to determine the compatibility of characters in advance.If the results of the preliminary check satisfy the Lioness, she will gladly plunge into the maelstrom of love affairs, but will not dive too deep into it.

    Characteristics of a female Leo, born in the year of the Rooster

    The rooster lioness is clever, penetrating and calculating

    Imperfections of the mark

    The Lion woman, born in the year of the Rooster, evaluates men from the position of superiority. But a weak partner will not suit her, as well as too strong. A rooster lioness needs a chosen one who can ensure equality in the family.

    Another disadvantage of the representative of the mark is excessive self-confidence. This woman is difficult to convince in anything, she is stubborn and with great difficulty making compromises.

    The lioness-rooster is not unusual to be sensitive, it often seems to be a callous and cold person around

    Love compatibility of men and women of Lviv born in the Year of the Rooster

    Persistent and purposeful at work, in his personal life, Lev Rooster behaves much more restrained. He constantly doubts himself, tends to be excessivecaution. To build a relationship with a man of this sign is not easy, because he is demanding, stubborn and uncompromising.

    He is not one to work on his own character flaws.Lions-Roosters are sure that the second half should take them with all the minuses without making any complaints. In response, a male Leo, born in the year of the Rooster, is ready to give his partner loyalty and support.

    The guys of this sign is not easy to communicate with the opposite sex, and it is even more difficult for them to have a serious relationship. Many Rooster Lions suffer from loneliness, but remain inactive and sit idly by. They have the highest compatibility in love with initiative girls. If the partner constantly praises such a man and shoots him with signs of attention, he will surely risk opening his soul for closer communication.

    Love compatibility of men and women of Lviv born in the Year of the Rooster

    The guys of this sign is not easy to communicate with the opposite sex

    If a man Leo-Rooster builds a trustful relationship with a beloved girl, he will stop being embarrassed by the manifestations of emotions and show himself as a gentle, sensitive person. Otherwise, he will disguise his complexes with excessive demands and most likely will push this partner away.

    Women born under the sign of Leo-Rooster are also not particularly lucky in their personal lives. They are more initiative than men, but just as demanding and authoritarian. Romance is alien to representatives of this combination, they preferbusiness approach to relationships. Often, their partners are colleagues at work or just people focused on career growth.

    Rooster lionesses are practical prudent women, and men try to choose the same. Before starting a serious relationship, they will think a hundred times - will this alliance bring much benefit? If the prospect is not sufficiently profitable, the Lioness-Rooster can cut off the novel at the very beginning, even if it feels great sympathy for the man.

    The family representatives of the described combination prefer to createin adulthood. Most often, the transition to a new stage of relations takes place on her initiative: A lioness gets married only when fully prepared for this and only with a man who will be suitable for her in character. On the issue of the birth of children, it also comes with maximum responsibility. Calculation allows female Roosters to maintain strict order in the family, their marriage is particularly strong.

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