• Channing Tatum dancing amazingly in the new clip Pink

    To remember why we love Channing Tatum, it’s enough to review the films “Step Forward” or “Super Mike XXL”. Two-meter handsome with the figure of a wrestler began to break dance in 15 years, so it is not surprising that the dance - his second language. Even with his future wife, Channing met thanks to the dances: the sultry brunette Jenna Devan won the partner in the film “Step Forward” by not giving him the slightest handicap in the most difficult steps.

    Having appeared in Pink’s new music video for the song Beautiful Trauma, Tatum has once again demonstrated: any dance line can match him. According to the movie script in the pin-up style of the 50s, a young married couple lives a deliberately exemplary life, hiding their failures from each other: while Pink burns the shirt of her husband, played by Channing, with an iron, he secretly pours a drop of whiskey into his coffee. But as soon as they find in each other their own traits and human weaknesses, they begin to better understand each other.“I wish I could see the world through your eyes,” Pink sings and tries on a tuxedo, and Tatum, in turn, dances in a long female dress. And it does it so beautifully that it remains only to pay tribute to its artistry. See for yourself!

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