Celebrity Hairstyles

The Brad Pitt haircut has long been synonymous with exceptional good looks and cool styles. Whether Pitt is styling long or short hair, a shaved head or crew cut, or just a nice slicked...
Ryan Gosling Haircut and Beard

Ryan Gosling Haircut 2019

The Ryan Gosling haircut has made this celebrity known for his cool yet classy hairstyle. In fact, Gosling's hair is so versatile, the heartthrob has been able to pull off short and long hair...
Zac Efron's Hair

Zac Efron Hair 2019

Zac Efron's hair and awesome hairstyles have provided tons of styling inspiration for men around the world. While the actor has made a major transformation from his teen days as a heartthrob in Disney's High...
Justin Timberlake Hairstyles

Justin Timberlake Haircut 2019

The Justin Timberlake haircut has changed many times over the years. The mega-pop star, who rose to fame in the 90’s boy-band era as the front-runner of NSYNC, knows how to style the best...
Conor McGregor Haircut

Conor McGregor Haircut 2019

Conor McGregor's haircut looks to be one of the coolest men's hairstyles in the UFC. Despite being a badass MMA fighter, McGregor's hair is surprisingly stylish and fashionable. Although Conor McGregor's hairstyle and beard...
Drake Haircut

Drake Haircut 2019

Drake's haircut continues to be a popular men's hairstyle in 2019. Simple and low-maintenance, Drake's hair usually consists of a buzz cut with a low or high fade on the sides and a line...
Best Soccer Player Haircuts

Soccer Player Haircuts 2019

Modern soccer player haircuts have to be cool yet practical. Consequently, the best soccer haircuts must be stylish off the field and low-maintenance on the field. As such, it comes as no surprise that...
ASAP Rocky Braids and Hair

ASAP Rocky Braids 2019

ASAP Rocky’s braids and cool long hair have been making waves in the fashion and music industry for their casual, yet stylish look. More importantly, ASAP Rocky’s hair helped pave the way for the...
Marco Reus Haircut Styles

Marco Reus Haircut 2019

The Marco Reus haircut is actually one of the most popular soccer player hairstyles in the world right now! Reus's hairstyle looks different at times, but the footballer usually sports a textured comb over...
Kit Harington Hair and Hairstyle

Kit Harington Haircut 2019

Kit Harington's haircut offers a new look at how guys with medium-length and long hair can style their locks. Unfortunately, getting Harington's hair is easier said than done. The Kit Harington hairstyle comes in...
Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut - CR7 Hair

Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut 2019

Cristiano Ronaldo's haircut, like the soccer player himself, is one of the most popular men's hairstyles in the world. While other famous athletes change their cut and style every year, Ronaldo's hair has remained...
Julian Edelman

Julian Edelman Haircut 2019

Julian Edelman's haircut is among the most fashionable in the NFL. As a comb over fade with a beard, the Edelman hairstyle happens to be one of the most popular cuts and styles of...
Best David Beckham Hairstyles

25 David Beckham Hairstyles 2019

As one of the most famous soccer players and fashion icons in the world, it’s no wonder you’re interested in trying David Beckham’s hairstyles. Whether it’s the classic Beckham haircut or his latest new...
Justin Bieber Hairstyles

17 Justin Bieber Hairstyles 2019

When it comes to Justin Bieber, you hardly need context, and the same can be said about Justin Bieber’s haircut and hairstyle. He was a tween pop star who — like all of his...
Zayn Malik Hairstyles

15 Zayn Malik Hairstyles 2019

Zayn Malik’s hairstyle, like Justin Bieber’s, has been closely followed since his tenure in boy band, One Direction.

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