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    The company wants to buy cars for employees, as work is related to travel. But I can not allocate the entire amount at once. There is an option to buy more cars with time. And what brand would you recommend? While we consider Kia.
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    As for me, the Kia is a great car. I drive a Kia Sportage myself, very pleased with this car. And your company can not take a loan to buy all the car at once?
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    Take the car in leasing, the company will gradually pay their value. This is a good option. I myself also plan to take the car on lease, as if the design is fast and not complicated, without a headache)). If you are interested in Kia cars, they can be leased here. Look, you can call, consult, what discounts can you get, because you take the bulk!
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    It seems to me that a loan that leasing is not much different. Perhaps it is even better to take money from a bank on credit, overpay less. Although here it is necessary to calculate everything and then be determined.

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