• Can I get chickenpox again?

    January 26, 2015
    Can I get chickenpox again?

    Practically every person, being in preschool or school age, had chickenpox (chickenpox) disease. Massive diseases at an early age are due to the fact that this virus is very quickly and easily transmitted. Often parents wonder if they can get chickenpox again.

    Flood or not?

    It is believed that having reared in childhood, repeated chickenpox in adults is impossible. But in fact, there are exceptions in the form of recurrent disease. They are extremely rare, but may occur as a result of severe forms of disease due to a strong decrease in immunity. It should be borne in mind that this disease will be transported differently.

    However, not all experts recognize the reliability of re-illness. Some doctors believe that this is not about chickenpox, but about another disease with similar symptoms, and the diagnosis of recurrent chickenpox is only a consequence of a misdiagnosis. Anyway, there were some precedents in medicine.

    One of the main symptoms is a rash, but even before it appears, an adult may experience sensations similar to those of ARVI or ARI. Severe itching is possible in areas of rash; a characteristic feature is elevated temperature. So that after treatment of chickenpox there are no scars on the skin, in no case should you comb the areas covered with rashes.

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