• Can an unmarried girl baptize children?

    Few people know that only 30 years ago in our country they tried not to advertise baptism. Parents always tried to baptize their children secretly, sometimes even decided to invite a representative of the holy church home. But this is all in the past, in our time everything has become much easier. Now most parents baptize their children in crowded temples, and the fact of baptism becomes a holiday.

    During this time, there were a lot of myths and misconceptions related to the baptism of children. Here, for clarity, the most popular ones:

    1. For a girl, a mother should be elected only a married woman. Otherwise, the girl will have a kind of "crown of celibacy".

    We're civilized people - this is a prejudice. It is more important that the godmother was a true believer, not the one that runs to the temple on the first occasion, but the one that lives according to God's law and will transfer this principle to the goddaughter. And here it does not matter what mom's position in society.

    Do you consider yourself a believer? But at the same time you believe in omens?

    It is normal that an unmarried girl will baptize your girl. She becomes the godmother of the mother, and she realizes that the responsibility of the purity of the soul of her goddaughter lies with her before God. A good godmother will always be involved in the upbringing of the child entrusted to her, and also with her parents will become a support in life. And more importantly, in the event of an accident with the parents, she will forever be the most reliable parent for the baby.

    The most important thing is for her to realize the full amount of responsibility for the child entrusted to her and once trusted the rumors and superstitions.

    2. After the rite, godmothers and fathers can not marry each other? This sign turned into a proverb: “Kum and Kumoya, like brother and sister.”

    It is important to understand that the holy church really prohibits marriages: a) godfather and goddaughter, b) godfather and godfather, c) godparents and parents of the child.

    But the marriage of godparents is not directly prohibited. Catholics, for example, are quite loyal to such marriages. As actually Orthodox, in their understanding there is nothing bad if the lovers decided to get married, but before that they became godparents.This is only on the hand of the baby. Judge for yourself if the godparents are a family, it will be much easier for them to participate in the child’s life.

    3. Godparents must be the same religion in which they baptize a child.

    Catholics and one of the godparents in their faith. But the Orthodox convincingly stand on the fact that both parents were Orthodox. Godparents are teachers of faith, and if their faith is different from the child's faith, then contradictions are inevitable.

    4. They must be ready for the baptism of the child.

    Take, for example, Catholics, they are supposed to hold explanatory talks with parents about faith. But in Orthodoxy, everything is much more demanding, the godparents have to pass a number of interviews with the priest, and also to confess, receive communion and all the time left before the christening to shine the prayers.

    5. All sins committed by a child leave an imprint on the godparents.

    The Catholics' opinion on this question: "Listen, the church is not an atomic station, and baptism is not a chain reaction." Man is an individuality for both man and god.

    But the Orthodox believe: baptism is not the transfer of sins from one person to another, but irrevocable purification by the power given by the Holy Spirit.

    And yet, religion and superstition are two different things, and they must be distinguished.If you consider yourself a true believer, then superstition is an empty sound for you. Just need to listen to the heart and God.

    The unmarried godmother can be a good support and a great teacher of the faith.

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