• Can a girl do a tattoo in the chest?

    Tattooing is beautiful, unusual, bright and bold. Is a female breast suitable for permanent drawing?


    What does a chest tattoo mean? In general, the choice of location is determined solely on the basis of personal considerations and preferences, and for many it does not carry any meaning. But it is believed that the tattoo on the chest means that what is depicted in this place is expensive for the heart, close and very important.

    Although to a greater extent this applies to serious images and inscriptions. If just a beautiful tattoo is chosen, it can symbolize sensuality and passion.

    Can I get a tattoo on my chest?

    So, can a girl get a tattoo on her chest? Everything will depend on the specific location and pattern. So, not a single professional master will touch the nipple area, since it is the most delicate, and the pigments of the paint simply cannot be fully distributed in it.As for the breast itself, you can decorate it, but, firstly, it is associated with certain risks, and secondly, the result may differ from the desired and change over time.

    In addition, there are some contraindications. These include absolute and common to any tattoos (cancer, acute infections, herpes, AIDS, hepatitis, skin diseases, diabetes, problems with blood clotting, the tendency to form scars, lactation, pregnancy, allergies, and some others), and connected with the selected zone. So, you should not risk with mastopathy and hormonal disorders.

    Pros and cons

    For a start it is worth listing the advantages of tattoos on the chest:

    • It is attractive, bright, unusual and sexy.
    • With the right place, the drawing will be almost imperceptible, and only “selected” will be able to see it under special circumstances.
    • Masters claim that the breast is the most painless area, which is associated with the presence of a large number of fat cells. And some girls believe that when applying a tattoo on this area, you can even get pleasure.


    • If you choose the wrong place, the tattoo will be evident, which can lead to difficulties in finding a job.
    • It's no secret that the size of the female breast can vary throughout life, and very significantly. For example, it is this area that increases first when weight is gained, and it is this area that first of all loses volume. In addition, an increase of one, two or even three sizes can be observed during pregnancy or during breastfeeding. Among other things, the breast "swells" in many before menstruation. And all these changes can be strongly reflected in the figure. It will simply stretch, deform and lose its former attractiveness. And it will be very difficult to fix this. So if you often lose weight and grow fat, or plan to become a mother, then this idea should be abandoned. Though nevertheless some sites practically do not change.
    • Since the skin in this area is rather thin, and the breast tissue is very delicate, the risk of infection will increase.

    How to choose a place?

    Female tattoos on the chest, above all, should look feminine and elegant. And much depends on the choice of location.

    Possible options:

    • The chest itself.In such a place, under normal conditions, a tattoo may remain invisible. But there is a risk of deformation of the pattern due to resizing.
    • The area under the breast. In this zone, the tattoo will look interesting and bright. In addition, it is not deformed and will be visible only in underwear. But this area is more painful due to the minimal amount of fat and the proximity of the ribs.
    • Decollete. If you make a tattoo in such a place, you can not always wear clothes with a deep cut. In addition, some cute and especially feminine drawings (flowers, hearts) in this area look vulgar and ridiculous.

    Which one to choose?

    So, how to choose a picture?

    1. First, consider your personal preferences.
    2. Secondly, find out what those or other images mean.
    3. Thirdly, you can and even need to put your personal special meaning in the tattoo, so it will become more original and meaningful for you.
    4. Fourthly, if you just want to decorate the body, then you can choose some interesting patterns.
    5. Fifthly, if you can not decide, then ask for help from the master. He will be able to offer options, as well as show photos that will help to understand which pictures will look best on the chest.
    6. Sixth, remember that too flashy, bright and large tattoo can prevent you in the future.

    Celebrities with such tattoos

    Celebrity tattoos on the chest.

    Here are some stars with tattoos:

    • Scarlett Johanson has a tattoo under the chest with a picture of a horseshoe and the words "You are lucky."
    • At Rihanna, under the breast is a drawing of the Egyptian goddess.
    • Not so long ago, Victoria Daineko made a tattoo under her breasts in the form of a rather long inscription.
    • Megan Fox has a tattoo in the form of a poem of her own composition about a broken heart and unhappy love.
    • On the right breast of Christina Ricci is drawn a sparrow.
    • Mina Suvari has the number 13 between the breasts.
    • Amy Winehouse had a breast pocket with the name of her ex-husband on her chest.

    Helpful Tips

    A few recommendations:

    • Before you go to the master, by all means consult your doctor to consult with him and identify problems that may be included in the list of contraindications.
    • Take it responsibly to the choice of the image and well weigh all the pros and cons.

    If you decide on a tattoo, let it be attractive, bold and bright! And, of course, remember about security.

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