• Buying a car as a gift.

    My brother and I decided to buy a car for parents on the anniversary of their life together. When choosing a car, our tastes diverged a bit, but still, having a little argument, opted for Toyota. Tell me where it is better to turn, where you can get a loan for a car on more favorable terms and for a longer period in the city of Krasnodar?
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    Answered on April 13, 00:58
    Today, for all banks that provide this loan service, the conditions are almost the same, carefully read the papers that the bank employee gives you for signing, be sure to read the agreement before signing.
    Answered on April 13 01:03
    I would not advise taking loans in general either for cars or even for a mixer - there are a lot of hidden fees, high interest rates. Everyone has friends, acquaintances, relatives are better to re-borrow, the best solution will still be to turn to them.
    Answered on April 13 01:07
    If you want to use the services of a bank, you can use leasing to purchase a Toyota car, for example, here you can look for useful and necessary information.If you have already precisely defined both the brand and the model, and you know the exact price - you can check with the managers in more detail the conditions and details of the transaction, perhaps it will turn out more profitable than a loan.

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