• Birthday Cake Surround

    I bring to your attention the originalbulk Cake card for happy birthday congratulations, the disclosure of which turns out to be a three-tiered cake.

    Materials and tools:

    1. template (the archive contains two templates with vertical and wavy lines);
    2. white and red heavy paper;
    3. glue stick;
    4. metal ruler;
    5. paper cutter;
    6. empty ballpoint pen.

    Step 1

    Download the template, choose which one you like, print it out on the printer, or transfer it to a sheet of paper with a pencil and ruler.

    The template is printed on plain paper. The resulting pattern is placed on top of a thick sheet of paper so that the template does not move out and can be glued with a glue stick. To do this, we apply glue from the back of the template outside the borders of the inner rectangle — we will cut off this part anyway and in the future we will only need the inner part of the rectangle.

    And so, using a metal ruler and a paper knife, cut the template and the bottom sheet along vertical lines.

    Cut out the inner rectangle.

    With an empty ballpoint pen, we press a sheet at the fold. Next, gently begin to fold the cake in the middle (this line is indicated on the template) until it turns out the cake. We start folding first with the   lower tier, then the middle one and at the end the upper one.

    Step 2

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