• Brad Pitt won the first trial against Angelina Jolie

    Publication from Brangelina4ever (@ brangelina4ever)5 Apr 2018 at 10:44 pdt

    Brad, meanwhile, is worried that Angelina can take the children to London, and then he will have to travel great distances whenever he wants to visit the children. “He doesn't understand why Angie behaves like this. This is unhealthy. All but Jolie, it is obvious that the children need a father, and trying to tune them against a loved one is abnormal and will not lead to anything good, "the source said. The new court session will take place on August 21, and in early July, the judge ordered Jolie to return to Los Angeles, give Pitt the mobile phone numbers of all the children and refrain from monitoring their conversations with her father. Let's see what all this will end up with!

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