• Borsch with elk meat

    Photo: archive of the press service of the restaurant "Scottish cell"
    White cabbage180 gramsBulb onions50 gramsCarrot50 gramsBeet (boiled)250 gramsTomatoes80 gramsBroth (meat)500 millilitersRefined vegetable oil80 gramsGarlic20 grams6 gramsSugar15 grams
    • Servings:
    • Preparation time:2 hours
    • Cooking time:40 minutes
    • Flow temperature:Hot dish
    • Processing Type:Cooking
    • Kitchen:Scottish
    • Season:autumn winter

    Have you ever tried borsch with elk meat? No? Then it's time to fix it! The chef of the restaurant "Scottish cell" Yuri Lamonov told how to cook a rich, fragrant and very satisfying first course.

    Cooking method:

    Prepare the ingredients.

    Moose meat (35 g per serving) cook for two hours over low heat. Then gently remove, cool and cut into small pieces.

    Cabbage cut into strips and cook in meat broth until cooked.

    Beets cut into strips, fry with tomato. Next, simmer with the addition of vinegar until cooked beets.

    All components are poured into meat broth, boil and bring to taste.

    Add chopped garlic to the soup. You can add greens (to taste).

    By the way, the soup will be tastier if you let it stand for a day.

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