• Books that will change you forever

    If you want to change your life, start with yourself. And they will help you with interesting and useful books that will make you look at the world and things around you differently.

    A list of books that will change you forever:

    1. “Life without boundaries. The Way to an Amazingly Happy Life. The work was written by Nick Vujcic - a guy who was born without all the limbs, but could not only find himself, but also become an absolutely happy person. Today he has a family and goals, but he also travels the world, gives optimism to others and tells how not to lose heart when it seems that there is simply no sense to live any longer. He presented all his thoughts and judgments in the book, which was a tremendously inspiring revelation about how to believe in yourself, get rid of despair and overcome difficulties. By the way, the guy knows what he is talking about, because he has two formations, he is fluent in computers, swims, enjoys fishing, surfing and even dives from the towers. Calling him a person with disabilities simply does not turn the language.
    2. "Nausea". Jean-Paul Sartre offers readers to reveal the essence of life of people, stuck in the routine of days. From the first pages, the work may seem difficult and strange, and after reading there remains an “aftertaste”, but this is the whole point, this is the beginning of a rethinking. The author shows that many people are forced to exist in a cruel reality. And nausea is dislike and lack of trust, misunderstanding between men and women, the other side of despair, for which you can find freedom. But you need to decide what to do with this very freedom for a completely lonely person.
    3. "The monk who sold his Ferrari. Listing useful and truly effective books, it’s worth including this work that Robin Sharma gave to the world. This is the amazing story of the once famous and wealthy lawyer Julian Mantle. He experienced a psychological and spiritual crisis and decided to turn to ancient practices. The former millionaire sold his “Ferrari”, refused the benefits of civilization and plunged into the ancient culture, the basics of which taught him to think positively under any circumstances, live and work by vocation, take care and deliberately spend time, realize the power of his abilities and mind, live in the present and cherish what you have.All these subtleties can be learned and used in practice by readers whose lives will absolutely change for the better.
    4. "Shantaram"Gregory David Roberts is the author's revelation of how he was able to get out of the abyss and start everything from scratch. He appeared to be in a hopeless situation, but still found a way out. Waiting for him new tests, he was forced to change in order to survive. And in this cruel world, the main character met love and realized that he could still feel and love. And everyone who read the novel, will understand that his life is not so bad, and even if there are obstacles on the way, they can be overcome.
    5. "451 degrees Fahrenheit"- This is a philosophical masterpiece and dystopia of Ray Bradbury, which tells about the world of the future. In this post-industrial era, all printed books are mercilessly seized and destroyed by a detachment of firefighters, and for their possession, punishment is punished. Humanity from the screens of interactive television is inspired by the same type of ideas, with the dissenters fighting punitive, and the rebel attacked by the electronic dog. All this seems strange and unreal, but behind this plot lies the realities of the modern world.TV and all kinds of gadgets "fool" and "zombie" us, and to think with your head and be unique has become unfashionable and embarrassing. It is worth thinking about what all this can lead to ...
    6. "Cat's Cradle"Kurt Vonnegut. The name is a children's game, during which the cord is wound on the fingers and folded into intricate patterns. And just so, in the author's opinion, the vicissitudes of life intersect and alternate. Vonnegut in his book raises such urgent topics for humanity as new inventions and the responsibility of scientists for them. The plot is difficult and famously twisted, but in it you can consider the reality of modern life. Unfortunately, many discoveries are misused and sooner or later they start turning against people, becoming weapons. Is it time to stop and think? It is time. And “Cat's Cradle” will help in this.
    7. "Blame the Stars", John Green. The author raises such an urgent problem as cancer. And it is especially scary when it hurts those who have just started living and should have time to do so much! The main character suffers from a rare form of cancer and cannot breathe on her own.She falls into depression and believes that her life is over, but sometimes one meeting can change the outlook. Augustus is also sick, but he is more optimistic and is trying to convince a new girlfriend that all is not lost. Teens learn and teach readers to enjoy every moment and happily celebrate a new day, thanks to fate, because it has arrived.
    8. "Atlas Shrugged", Ayn Rand. Events are unfolding in the United States: socialists have come to power, who decide to start a policy of "equal opportunities". The new leadership of the country believes that it will be fair to make talentless and incapable people rich at the expense of the gifted and wealthy. Business is persecuted, the economy collapses, and the best minds begin to disappear under mysterious circumstances. The main characters are trying to stop this horror, but in vain. The authorities, instead of the promised prosperity, are plunging the USA into chaos and hopelessness. This work of Rand will change the worldview, help to form a holistic perception of reality and find answers to questions about being and the meaning of life.
    9. "Lord of the Flies"William Golding can be called a satirical anti-utopia, historical opus, philosophical parable, or a warning novel.Anyway, this book will make you think about life, human qualities and souls, actions. The author describes the degradation to which the main characters are exposed, and this fully characterizes the modern world with its cruelty and horrors. It is noteworthy that as the characters in his novel, William chose the children, as if doubting their innocence and purity of soul. We all need to reconsider our views on life and behavior in order to invest the best in the younger generation and become better ourselves. After all, perhaps all is not lost, and this world can be saved and changed.
    10. "Beloved", Tony Morrison. This is the author’s heartfelt novel, the world's bestseller, for which she won the Pulitzer and Nobel Prizes. At the heart of the plot are heartbreaking events that took place in the 80s of the last century. This is a successful attempt to look at the problem of slavery from the victims. The main character is a black girl who made the terrible decision to kill her own daughter in order to protect her from the future horrors of the slave system. Readers will be able to experience such a wild manifestation of maternal love and understandhow lucky they are to be born and live free and not belong to anyone.

    These books after reading will help to change themselves and start living differently.

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