• Book binding + leather cover

    Nowadays, book lovers do not need to visit the library, sit in it for hours, and outline the necessary material. It is enough to make one click - and the necessary book is already in front of your eyes. Fast and cheap. However, there are many reasons for transferring an electronic version of a book to paper. To whom the text is small, who on the screen does not perceive it at all. And then it starts: the sheets change places, get lost, crumple ... What kind of pleasure is there in reading, if it's inconvenient. Do not rush to throw away your printouts - cover in ten minutes. And you can also decorate your favorite piece with a chic leather cover. Materials for work: • text printout - A4 format, 2 pages on the back; • photo paper - 1 sheet; • adhesive PVA - 1 pencil; • old mincer - you can replace with a special device; • nylon threads - 20 cm; • jigsaw blade - 1 piece; • leather or a substitute - 35 x 40 cm; • sewing machine, wide scotch stationery, a piece of medical bandage, paint "gold", scissors, a brush. Stages of work execution: The first stage: binding. We take necessary tools and materials.
    Book cover leather cover
    We make a printout of the "book" on A4 paper in a text editor. On each sheet on both sides you get 2 sheets of the future book. Bend the sheets in half, align. On both sides of the folds of the sheets we put short boards, we squeeze the future cover with a meat grinder.
     Cover the book leather cover
    Use the jigsaw cloth to make transverse shallow cuts at a distance of a few centimeters from each other.
    Book cover leather cover We cut according to the number of cuts of thread. The length of each thread should be twice the height of the binding.
     Book cover leather cover
    Thoroughly we glue the cuts with white glue, hammering them with voids.
    Book cover leather coverBook cover leather cover
    Smooth the ends of the threads and the edges of the bandage while simultaneously stretching it to both sides of the binding. We dry the book in a standing position (binding to the top).
     Book cover leather cover
    The third stage: the blank for the cover. We print on photographic paper (or paste on it prepared cuts) pictures for the title and back of the book. The size of the blanks should be 0.5 cm is the width of the book. From photographic papers we cut a strip that exactly matches the size of the binding (both in length and in width).
     Book cover leather cover
    In order to make cutouts in leather by the size of pictures , we make stencils from ordinary paper. If you need perfect accuracy in matching lines, you can use tracing paper or make a translation by attaching a picture and top sheet to the window glass.
     Book cover leather cover
    Fourth stage: working with a leather substitute. For the cover, you can use natural leather or a skin substitute.In this case, a substitute is used that was purchased in the “fabric” store. pereplet-knigi-kozhanaya-oblozhka.jpg "alt =" Book cover leather cover "title =" Book cover leather cover ">
    We put on the reverse side of the skin of the cover and cover blank. Do not forget to make a distance between them, slightly larger than the reduced width of the cover (approximately 0.7 cm). Draw contours in pencil.
     Book cover leather cover
    On the traced places put upturned blanks, stencils. The main thing in this stage of work is not to mix up left and right. Circling places for future cuts.
     Book cover leather cover
     Book cover leather cover
    Cut out the outlined contours.
    Bookbinding leather cover
    Fifth stage: preparing the cover. Carti Naki on photo paper pasted with clerical clerical, so that in the future they do not get dirty.Scotch sticking only on the front side of the sheet, without turning on the back.
     Book cover leather cover
    Apply glue to the picture-free places of photo paper.
    Book cover leather cover
    Combine the skin cut and the picture.
     Binding book igi leather cover
    Gently, without stretching, press the skin against the glue.
    Book cover leather cover

    Along the edges of the cuts we make a machine line, fixing the skin.
     Book cover leather cover
     Binding leather cover book
    Cut off the corners of the cover.
     Book cover leather cover
    Bend the edges of the skin inside, having previously applied a thick layer of glue. Book binding leather cover
    Sixth stage: we connect the cover and the book. On the side surface of the book we apply a layer of PVA glue.Book binding leather cover Attach the cover to the book with the wrong side down. We press, gently, without stretching, smooth the skin.
     Book cover leather cover
    Turn the book over, apply glue on the back side.
     Book Cover Leather Cover
    Slightly pulling, bend the cover. We are pressing, smoothing.
     Book cover leather cover
    Under the cover on both sides of the book we put paper, make from it bends on the surface of the cover. We apply “gilding” with vertical strokes on the side of the pages.
     Book cover leather cover
    Place the book under the press (from heavy books of larger format) and dry the day.After drying, a unique masterpiece of your creativity is ready for endless scrolling of your favorite pages.
     Book binding leather cover
    Book cover leather cover

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