• Bloating, what to do?

    Due to the violation of the digestive processes in the intestines, gas is accumulated - flatulence (bloating). Practically each of us experienced this sensation on ourselves and faced with the inconveniences caused by this ailment. In this article we will talk about how to get rid of abdominal bloating.

    Symptoms of flatulence

    The fact that in their intestines gases are formed in excess, many patients are unaware. Symptoms of flatulence are increasing gradually, so the person also gets used gradually to his altered state. But this should be paid attention to at the first signs.

    • enlarged abdomen;
    • in the supine position, with palpation, a rumbling is heard in the intestine;
    • tension is felt in the diaphragm when tilting from standing to the front;
    • bowel movements are difficult.

    Late symptoms include a lack of appetite, headaches, constant weakness, low levels of immunity.

    First actions with abdominal distension

    All of the above symptoms indicate that you have bloating.What to do in this case, you will be prompted by a gastroenterologist, who should be visited first. He will schedule an examination and rule out all possible diseases. It will be necessary to do:

    • bile examination
    • bacterial feces analysis
    • analysis of feces for intestinal flora
    • gastric juice study
    • Ultrasound of the digestive organs

    The doctor must understand the reason why the abdominal distention occurs. The treatment you need will be prescribed based on the above studies.

    In addition, the following steps should be taken:

    • Normalize the diet.
    • From the diet should be excluded products that produce in the process of digestion of a large amount of gases. These include cabbage, rice, legumes, whole milk.
    • The food should be regularly eaten wholemeal bread, dairy products.
    • It is necessary to do daily exercises and walk more than 3 km per day.

    The implementation of this program is sure to help get rid of flatulence in the event that there are no serious diseases of internal organs.

    Drug treatment of flatulence

    The treatment includes potions and tablets for bloating,which are divided by type of exposure:

    • adsorbing drugs, these include activated carbon, polysorb, smecta
    • enzymatic drugs, it is pancreatin, pansionorm, mezim
    • drugs that replace bile or stimulate its production, such as allohol, Kars, LIV 80, medical bile

    Sometimes bloating is triggered by medications that suppress the production of bile, hydrochloric acid and gastric juice. At the time of treatment with such drugs will require a diet. Consult with your doctor about this.

    Newborn bloating

    All new parents face the problem of colic in newborns. The best medicine for bloating in this case is the caring hands of parents. What you need to do if the baby is crying all the time, his tummy has become hard and swollen:

    • It is necessary to calm down, take the crumb into your arms, squeeze yourself and shake. Pediatric doctors recommend to take the baby in your arms as often as possible, he will feel the warmth of the mother and the pain subsides. Quiet lullabies also help. Many babies are calmed by the sounds of shsh-shsh or chichi-chi-chichi.
    • Very well helps in this situation, massage the abdomen. It is made with a full palm in a clockwise direction, thus it is easier for gases to descend.
    • A hot water bottle is another good way to help get rid of colic. She needs to put the baby on her stomach. Replace the heating pad can be a diaper, well-heated iron.
    • If the kid loves water treatments, he needs to deliver this pleasure. In the water, add a decoction of the train and chamomile.
    • On the advice of a doctor, you can use drugs that help with intestinal colic.
    • You can use a folk remedy for bloating - dill water. Relief from it is, of course, temporary, but there is no chemistry in it.

    Folk remedies for the treatment of abdominal distention

    1. Lovage. It is necessary to pour one tablespoon of crushed roots with 1.5 cups of boiling water, heat to a boil over low heat, boil for 10 minutes, leave for an hour, then strain. Take 3-4 times a day for 1 tablespoon. Lovage has a wonderful effect on the entire gastrointestinal tract. Heaviness in the stomach and bloating disappear on the second day, a healthy appetite appears.
    2. Chop coriander seeds in a mortar, take 1 teaspoon and pour boiling water, boil for about 2 minutes, then insist, strain and drink. The stomach calms down instantly.
    3. When meteorism, various decoctions and extracts from carrot seeds, watch leaves, dill seeds, parsley roots, chamomile, oregano herb, St. John's wort, fennel, and mint help.
    4. Good help to cope with this problem seasoning: basil, coriander, ginger, melissa, marjoram, thyme. They are added to food or tea, thereby ensuring the inconspicuous pumping of gases from the gastrointestinal tract.
    5. Sea kale perfectly neutralizes food that causes flatulence.
    6. Almond oil is a good aid. It is dripped on a piece of white bread, 6-8 drops.
    7. You can make a wonderful bran bread, which is shown during flatulence.

    For this you will need:

    • wheat bran - 300 g;
    • 1 medium bulb;
    • flour 3-4 tbsp;
    • sugar - 1st tbsp .;
    • a spoonful of tsp;
    • salt - one teaspoon without top;
    • vegetable oil - one tablespoon.


    Grind onion in a meat grinder. Extinguish the soda. Mix all ingredients and add water. Form a cake.Baked such bread on medium heat and consumed as usual.

    That's all the tips we could give you to learn how to get rid of abdominal distention.

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