• Blake Lively showed new haircut

    We propose to discuss the new hairstyle of Blake Lively, namely the elongated square, which she demonstrated at the closed premiere of the drama “I See You Only” in Los Angeles. We are used to seeing an actress with long curls, but we must admit that the length on the shoulders is also incredibly coming to her. It is unlikely, of course, she allowed a hair stylist Rod Ortega to take scissors. Most likely, he imitated the current caret this season with a big round brush and texturing spray, trying to confuse everyone with the #haircut hashtag on Instagram. Are we right that a short haircut is just an illusion? We will find out soon, because the promotion of the film about a blind woman who had seen the sight many years after a successful operation had just begun. In the meantime, let's admire the leading woman and note that only with a waist like Blake's, you can wear floral appliques on the hips.

    Blake Lively showed new haircutBlake Lively showed new haircutBlake Lively showed new haircut

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