• Black Snake - 2013: how to celebrate the New Year?

    WDay.ru will tell you what to meet the year of the black water snake!
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    You have already chosen gifts for your beloved man,find out where you will celebrate New Yearandthought about your image for the New Year's party? But on this archival business on the eve of the holiday does not end! Find out what your outfit should be in order for the year to succeed. The upcoming 2013 is proclaimed the year of the Black Water Snake, and it must be greeted fully armed! Color, material, pattern - WDay.ru figured out what needs to be met in 2013 to please the Water Snake. Dresses, accessories, jewelry, jewelry, shoes - learn how to think of a New Year's image to the smallest detail!

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    Year of the Black Water Snake is best met in clothes of black color, as well as in dresses of all shades of water - blue, blue and green. Ideally, all these colors shimmer in the same outfit, like snake scales. Speaking of scales! In the fall-winter 2012/13 season sparkling sequins are relevant. If you have a dress of black, blue or green sequins on New Year's Eve, this is a sure sign that 2013 will be successful for you!

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    Accessories for the New Year party along must be selected no less carefully than the outfit itself. Clutch, shoes, belt - accessories should be made of a material resembling snake skin. The main taboo of New Year's Eve: no clothes, no shoes, no bags should be made of real snake skin.

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    Gold and silver

    Do not want to meet the year of the Snake in black or blue? Pay attention to the outfits of the color of precious metals! The hostess of 2013 loves shine and radiance. No wonder celebrities have chosen this fashion trend! Pick up a dress strewn with gold or silver coins for the New Year's Eve. Too much glitter? Then give preference to sexy silver studs that will harmoniously look like with a little black dress, and with a dress in the color of sea waves.

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    Black Water Snake, patroness of 2013, loves the brilliance of cold precious metals. That is why you should give preference to jewelry made of silver, white gold or platinum. The snake is a product of water, and the choice of precious and semi-precious stones is completely dependent on its quality.Ornaments with pearls, aquamarine, coral, opal or other water mark stone are ideal for the Year of Snake meeting.

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    If you do not want to wear jewelry at the New Year's party, give preference to jewelry. The main rule when choosing such jewelry - they must be with the image of a snake or be its embodiment. Patroness of 2013 will definitely appreciate this mark of respect!

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    The basic rule that should be guided in choosing a New Year's dress is the dress material. It should be flowing, thin and shiny, like the body of a Snake. But there is an alternative option: New Year - 2013 can be met from head to foot by dressing in leather, artificial or real (just not a snake). Having dressed in a sexy leather dress or costume, you will definitely be able to appease the Black Water Snake! In addition, you support the fashion trend, which came to especially celebrities.

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    New Year's Eve 2013 can be met not only in plain dark dresses or blinding dresses with sequins with its brilliance! The keeper of 2013 - the Snake - will be in a great mood if you come to a New Year's party in a dress with a snake print.Complement such an outfit with monophonic shoes of a gentle powdery shade or stilettos imitating snake skin iridescent with all the colors of the rainbow.

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