• Better not to get bare: Vodyanova showed an ugly belly

    Fans criticized the supermodel for its flaw.

    Not so long ago, Natalia Vodianova surprised fans with wrinkled knees, which, it seems, can never belong to a young woman. And now subscribers have found another flaw in her.

    The model showed a fresh photo with her son. And even Hayter could not argue with the fact that she does not look like her mother's boyfriend, but rather her older sister. But the beauty of Natalia, in their opinion, is still spoiled by one circumstance, namely, a too large navel and an ugly belly.

    Natalya Vodyanova
    Photo: @natasupernova

    �You are very thin, but the stomach, of course, of a woman who has given birth many times, would be better not to strip him like that,� the followers advised Natalia. By the way, Natalia is advised to hide this part of her body not for the first time. Many subscribers consider Natalia�s figure too boyish and blamed for the complete absence of the waist. A strange ass called "unpleasant" and "huge."

    By the way, many celebrities with serious navel anomalies do not even hide them.

    The angel Victoria�s Secret and one of the most beautiful models in the world of Karolina Kurkova navel are not at all.It turns out that when the star was small, she had an operation, due to which she lost it. Before each exit in a bathing suit, makeup artists specially painted her navel to make it look not very strange.

    The navel of the most demanded model Kendall Jenner is also far from ideal. First, it is very narrow, and secondly, long. The first to notice such a flaw are celebrity fans who constantly follow her on Instagram. At first, everyone thought it was a photoshop, however, when they looked through all the pictures of the model, they realized that her navel was really very strange.

    Emily Ratakovski is absolutely not shy about undressing on the camera, but in vain, because her navel is not exactly photogenic. Too big and bulging, it spoils the entire press of the model, which her fans have said more than once.

    Wday.ru has collected a gallery of stars with the strangest navels.

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