• Beef tenderloin with porcini mushrooms

    Beef tenderloin with porcini mushroomsand everything that juniper can give us (6 servings) is a culinary recipe.


    For cutting with mushrooms:

    1. 900 g - 1 kg of beef tenderloin;
    2. 180 grams of white mushrooms;
    3. 300 g of small new potatoes;
    4. 180 g of pine cones jam;
    5. 300 ml of juniper sbiten.
    6. For mushroom mash:
    7. 600 grams of white mushrooms;
    8. 180 g white onions;
    9. 240 grams of potatoes;
    10. 180 ml heavy cream; butter.

    For biscuit from greens:

    1. 50 g of mixed greens (spinach, dill, parsley, cilantro),
    2. 70 g of egg yolks;
    3. 125 g of egg whites;
    4. 30 grams of fine sugar.

    For submission:

    1. 180 ml demi-gla sauce;
    2. 30 grams of juniper berries twigs of juniper small chopping pieces from juniper


    Boil the potatoes until they are half cooked, drain the water. Cut the potatoes in half, mix with cones from jam, berries and twigs of juniper. Put in a baking sleeve and put in preheated to 2000From the oven for 15 minutes.White mushrooms cut into cubes and fry in oil. Meat fry in butter until golden brown and bring in the oven to the desired degree of roasting. Let rest 15 minutes. and roll in juniper sbitnee. Before serving, cut the meat into 6 pieces.

    Peel mushrooms, onions and potatoes, cut into small pieces. Fry in oil until rosy color, add a little water, cook under a lid until done. Then add cream, heat and chop with a blender until smooth. Rub through a sieve.

    Greens blanch in a small amount of slightly boiling water to softness, recline on a sieve, squeeze, grind with a blender in puree. Mix with the remaining ingredients of the biscuit until smooth. Put the mixture in siphon. Top up the siphon with 2 gas cartridges. Drain the siphon mixture into 6 plastic cups and bake in the microwave for 20 seconds. Cool, pick pieces.

    Pre-mix demi-glus sauce with juniper berries and let it brew. Juniper Dosochki warm. For each dosochku lay out a piece of meat, potatoes, cones, mashed potatoes and fried mushrooms. Next to put a sponge cake. Sprinkle with juniper sauce.Before serving, lay out a number of juniper twigs and set them on fire.

    Beef tenderloin with porcini mushroomsis ready.

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