• Verses by March 8

    Verses by March 8On International Women's Day, I want so much to please my beloved ladies with beautiful congratulations and pleasant words. In our article you will find the best wishes in verse by March 8. You will choose this greeting in the form of a large poem, a quatrain or a little rhyme. The main thing is to create a festive mood!

    Only in our article you will find congratulations on the holiday of March 8 for every taste. No matter who you congratulate, your girlfriend, colleagues, teacher, beautiful wishes on International Women's Day will not leave anyone indifferent. Also on our site you can find a wonderful wonderful selection of poems for children on March 8 in kindergarten or school.

    Cool poems on March 8

    I'll start with the congratulations of the ladies.
    I wish grandmas more you
    So as not to screw our brains.
    And shut up so that they could.

    Going to the sea in the summer,
    To peasants to live in freedom.
    And on the way back,
    You fall into the damn palaces.

    To those who hear this verse,
    Raise a terrible roar and cry.
    Although it has a lot of pepper,
    But I congratulated from the heart!


    I wish a women's holiday

    It is more convenient to lie on the sofa,

    Let the husband make tea

    And in bed is a glass,


    Let the dishes wash

    And, groaning, the floor will wash,

    And then the wine will open

    And lay a delicious table!


    March 8! Ladies - joy!

    Today you can later get up!

    I wish you got:

    Great breakfast to bed

    Luxurious flowers bouquet,

    In the eyes of your favorite gentle light!

    Verses by March 8

    Women's day calendar,
    Do not celebrate - you can not!
    Well we tried in February,
    Well, and now you are doubly.
    Surprise the weaker sex
    Do not forget that
    To the lady to surprise -
    Verse she must devote,
    Do not forget about flowers,
    And help her in everything.
    A whole day to protect,
    You can clean up everything in the house
    And a dinner on the table to collect,
    Compliments to choose.
    And with a gift to please -
    Tazes, mops - do not give!

    Happy Mimosa Day,

    Happy Afternoon mistresses and colleagues,

    Happy, when it's still cold

    And there is still snow on the roofs.

    Happy, when all the ladies are drunk,

    Sexy good

    With the day when my own mother,

    Wait until the night kids.

    In general, this holiday is cool,

    In the calendar will not bring!

    Congratulations on March 5,

    Everyone in Russia is already drinking !!!


    Be always beautiful and carefree,

    To hell with all the housework,

    That the man thought everyone he met:

    "Oh, what a woman is gone!"

    And about the makeup do not forget, of course,

    Even if you go home,

    That the man thought everyone he met:

    "Oh, what a lady, my God!"

    And one more tip known:

    Sometimes ryumashechku accept

    That the man thought everyone he met:

    "Oh, what a woman, damn it!"

    Big congratulatory poems

    Grandmothers, moms, girls,

    Women of our country,

    I want to congratulate all of you,

    Happy first spring!

    For a whole year you were in care

    They could not straighten the back,

    But today stop working,

    You have time to relax.

    We men adore you

    For love, beauty and for work.

    And let me save today

    Your tender hands from the fetters.

    We will dress the hostess robe

    And take care of the children.

    We will give you flowers and gifts

    And on the holiday cake bake!


    The day has come that men

    From all over Russia they wait like sausages,

    Dumplings are better, happier than beer -

    World Day of bewitching beauty.

    Verses by March 8

    The day has come when we have all the dishes

    For you in the ohotku can wash,

    When the answer can be "I will not,

    About the bar to someone and a rag not to pass.


    When you can congratulate our women,

    When they have the power to write verses!

    When they can be kissed ungodly,

    And about the love of our all tell them!


    When the flowers - an armful of whole hay,

    When love - so much to remember!

    With the spring of you! Let there be life as a scene

    Where you can, what you want to play!


    So that in life everything you want, succeeded,

    And if complexity, let your gentleman,

    It will help you so that it turns out

    That this help is the best compliment.


    On the eighth of March, with the holiday of spring!

    Let there be sun in the sky and in the eyes!

    And may the love be shed on you by the summer rain

    And we will carry on hands!


    You will make clouds
    Strong hands
    And teach the good
    Wise words.
    You will come to the rescue -
    Just call.
    God bless you
    Our dear mother,
    God bless her,
    Happiness and love.
    I heartily congratulate
    You, that heart dear.
    I wish you health
    True, sincere friends.
    On this lovely spring day,
    I also wish you,
    Only joy, fun -
    For the soul they are a balm.
    Be happy, loved!
    Let it always play blood!
    In life, so necessary
    Heart tenderness and love!


    Various women go around the world.
    Literally two words on this topic.
    First, there are women - fish and birds.
    There are bunnies and babes; puffs and matches;
    Dragons and snakes and thousands of pussies ...
    There is a cry from the crowd: “Announce the entire list! "
    There is a Woman - “Attention! ", There is a woman -" at ease! ",
    There is a woman - "Niva" and a woman, "Volvo".
    There is a woman plasma; Ice woman;
    Female blade; Female iodine.
    There are Women-Virgo and Women-Aries.
    There are Women-where-you and Women-are-we.
    Here is a Finnish Woman; here is a polka woman;
    Here is a woman-fig-you and a woman - how much.
    Two worlds, two poles: A woman-hops,
    And the Girl-remember-I-carried-your briefcase.
    Alluring Girl Brigantine.
    And the woman-where-you-hung-beast.
    There is a woman story; there is a woman line.
    And just the end of everything - Woman point.
    No two women are alike.
    We understood something in this subject.
    Women behave differently.
    Oh, we from them all hang all.
    Stuck, as if in a jungle in words impassable,
    We praise all women - good and different!

    You yourself, just honestly, answer:
    Who is the most useful and important in the world?
    Who breastfeed on bunker, forgetting the machine,
    Or who is breastfeeding us crazy?
    Who blows the alcohol from the flask,
    Or anyone on the pantyhose tightening?
    Who do people like? Who are people looking for?
    They love those who make them cleaner!
    Not those whose movements are awkward and rude,
    And those who are a vampire sticks in the lips.
    Who languidly covered the floor with a towel.
    Who brutally obkakan screaming baby.
    Who knows the process of boiling lids.
    Whose legs grow straight from the armpits.
    Who tears tricotans on a rag for the floor.
    Who sincerely believes in the effect of panadol.
    Who smokes and drinks. Who does not drink or smoke.
    Who fools the people. Who does not fool the people.
    Who enters the hut. Who is the galloping horse.
    Who nevermind with a sweep under the nose man.
    Who ears pierced. Who is losing weight today.
    Who life adorns itself (in theory).
    Who blooms in March. Who is sitting at the table.
    Who in the summer garden with the same paddle.
    All those who are behind the sweet smile of Mona Lisa
    It is a golden ring of anaconda.
    For whom invariably go jambs
    The path of the forest men with hammers.
    Who burns our heart with a modal verb.
    We love all those who are not of our gender!
    We do not need thoughts, do not need ideas,
    And we need women and many children.
    So eternal memory to us, peasants!
    And glory to tights and heels!

    Verses by March 8

    Quatrains for the International Women's Day

    Let in every woman Spring

    He raises colors in color.

    Your day is celebrated today.

    The enamored will not be up to sleep!


    Eighth March - a whole year,

    Let the honest people rejoice.

    The whole world is like a birthday cake,

    Always lies at the women's feet!


    Among the early spring days

    March 8 is more expensive.

    On the whole earth, for all people

    Spring and women are similar.


    Let the first snowdrop - give you tenderness!
    Spring sun will bring warmth!
    And the March wind will bring hope
    And happiness, and joy, and only good!


    Favorite friends from the heart we congratulate,

    Health to you, happiness and a sea of ​​flowers,

    And we wish you with all our hearts,

    Let the world always triumphs in love!


    With a fragrant twig of lilac

    Spring comes to every home

    We congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts

    With the International Women's Day!

    Sms-poems by March 8

    Let the winter gleam still remain,

    But the air becomes unsteady.

    With the Women's Spring Holiday you,

    With the first spring smile!


    Let joy shine today with joy

    In the shade leaving a sheaf of big alarms,

    And all the flowers that are in the world,

    May bloom today at your feet.


    What to wish you on March 8? From life, everyone wants his, and I wish you just happiness, so it was a little, but everything!
    Flowers and smells like a rose, protect spikes from various troubles, let the threat end, carry only beauty, love and light into this world!


    We want to congratulate you heartily
    Happy spring holiday.
    And the sun's light, and your glance is clear
    We are equally needed.

    Let the heart beat the beat into the beat, Let the blizzards go down in the past, And let it be in the spring round dance. Forget about the heart of adversities.


    Be as before cheerful and affectionate, and be happy forever. On this day, beautiful and joyful, forget all your worries.

    With a wonderful holiday of spring, I congratulate you! I wish heaven of depth, luck without edge. I wish tenderness in love, in spring - flowers bloom. Let all days be clear, and life without regret.

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