• Beautiful violets from beads with their own hands

    Flowers are loved by everyone. Someone loves roses, someone likesOrchid from beads, and someone does not cease to admire cute violets. Real flowers fade pretty quickly, but flowers made from beads do not lose their beauty, do not cause allergies, and delight for quite a long time.

    Beautiful violet of beads can serve as a decoration for any interior. There are different versions of its production, each handicraftsman can choose the method of manufacture that will be closest to her.

    First you need to bite off a thin wire with a wire cutter about 30 cm long. String 5 pink beads on it and, stepping 3 cm from the edge, twist the wire to form a circle. Twist the wire a couple more times. On the next row strung so many beads to have enough for the ring, which should surround the first row. Reconnect the ends of the wire and twist it three times. To knit the next row, you need to take as many beads as you want to be enough to surround the second row. Free ends should also be twisted three times.For the manufacture of one petal violets should link 4 rows. In total, you need to make 5 petals to make one flower. The more flowers, the more magnificent and beautiful the violet from beads will turn out.

    After the petals are ready, you can start making stamens. To do this, cut with a wire cutter a thin wire about 10 cm long. String 4 yellow beads on the wire. Connect the two ends of the wire and thread two more beads on them, then twist the wire. For one flower you need to make one stamen.

    To make the leaves of the flower, you need to cut off the wire about 60 cm long and thread 15 green beads on it and twist the wire three times. Then string an equal number of beads on both ends of the wire and fold the loose ends under the first loop. One end of the wire to pass and the first loop and twist the wire three times. All you need to tie 5 rows for the manufacture of one leaf. For a flower, you need to make so many leaves so that the flowers are surrounded by them. So, for the composition of 9 flowers, it is enough to tie 11 leaves.

    From the parts obtained, collect cute flowers and put them together. Wrap the stalks with green threads so that the wire is not visible.Collect from the flowers and leaves a beautiful bouquet and fasten it in a flowerpot.

    To make a violet of beads, you need to be patient and free time. Such wonderful crafts will be a great interior decoration and can act as an original and beautiful gift to loved ones.

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