• Be friends or not?

    I like a boy from a parallel class. I’ve known him for two years. We talked with him, he’s so kind, sweet, he’s been good to me. I’m thinking of offering to be friends in the summer, but here’s one problem. Andrew’s best friend. I recently offered him to be friends too, but he told me about it and said: “I don’t need friends, you’ll betray everything anyway,” but I’m not that kind of person .. And he doesn’t want to put it out and calls me! I'm afraid that he will tell that boy about me and he, too, will refuse, and they will tell everyone about me? Maybe they shouldn’t be afraid of me? Or girls are not destined to be friends with boys .. Would you like to do?
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    Answered 2 march 2015 02:37
    What is bad and shameful in wanting to be friends? That the boy said that to you is his personal opinion. Perhaps he had something in life happened, and he now trusts not all. Maybe he just doesn’t like you as a person for some reason, so he doesn’t want to be friends with you, he may have decided that through friendship you want to start meeting with him, but he doesn’t need it ... There can be many reasons, but one thing is clear: he is behaving aggressively, although you did not give reasons for this.No need to communicate with him, why do you listen to insults in his address? Do not impose on anyone: do not want to be friends - do not be friends and that's all. About the other boy. And why, in fact, you approach different people and offer them to be friends? Do you want to be friends with the boys, because you are more interesting with them, or you just need a friend, and you offer friendship to all who you like? I think that it is not necessary to offer to be friends openly. True friendship grows on the sly by itself from communication, joint classes and so on. Don't say "let's be friends" like this, just start talking to those who are interested in you, get closer to them slowly. When communication goes into something more than just the status of "friends-friends", you can clarify whether a person considers you to be his friend, somehow naturally. So you can do with that boy. If you are pleasant to him and he wants to communicate with you, no Andrei will interfere. You only behave naturally and adequately.
    Northern owlet
    Northern owlet
    Answered 2 march 2015 03:44
    Hello! I think the boys from your class are now at such an age that it’s a bit awkward to start friends with a girl like that, especially if the other boys start teasing.In order not to embarrass them even more, do not offer Andrei and the boy you like to be officially friends, but simply act like a good friend - ask about their affairs, listen carefully, help, but do not be obsessive. And do not wait for the summer to make friends with the second boy.

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