• BCG: what is it?

    February 3, 2015
    BCG: what is it?

    Among all vaccinations, mandatory for the child, one of the earliest is BCG. What is it - almost the first question of young parents, familiar with the schedule of vaccinations baby. Their interest and light anxiety is not difficult to understand: the child has just been born - and almost immediately it is pricked. However, having learned what a BCG vaccine is, what it protects from, even the most suspicious parents certainly agree on it. Because it protects the child from the terrible disease - tuberculosis.

    The origin of the abbreviation

    The name of the vaccine was named after its creators, its full name “Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (in another transcription of Gerin). The result of a decade of experience was the vaccine, which is not destroyed during storage and causes the disease in a greatly weakened form, which the body wins easily. As a result of vaccination, sustained immunity is developed, which lasts for five years.

    Terms of vaccination

    The first BCG vaccine is given to a newborn before discharge from the hospital, if there are no contraindications for it.It may be postponed, however, the baby may catch tuberculosis even on the way home from the maternity hospital, so it is undesirable to carry it.

    To consolidate the effect, the child undergoes revaccination at the age of seven and at fourteen. It would seem that they should be repeated once every five years, but studies have shown that more frequent vaccination is meaningless. After the last vaccination, the immunity to tuberculosis is already so strong that in the future the organism in most cases successfully resists the disease itself.

    Who is contraindicated for BCG

    Categorically such vaccination is not carried out in the following categories:

    1. immunodeficient children - no matter acquired deficiency or congenital;
    2. children with severe genetic diseases (for example, Down syndrome);
    3. children with cerebral palsy;
    4. children with congenital fermentopathies (lack or complete absence of a specific enzyme).

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