• Backwards and instead of the skirt: 6 new ways to wear a shirt

    What else can you think of with a men's shirt that you don’t want to wear “in a normal way”?

    Like a skirt

    In appearance, this option looks too “homemade”, but something like this could be justified as clothing for the beach, when the brain is so relaxed from the heat that you no longer understand what you are wearing: a skirt or a shirt - and in general difference?!

    Street style

    Like a bare shoulder top

    An interesting idea, which was quoted by the designers on the catwalk, but we have doubts about the fact that the shirt, worn in this way, looks neatly behind, considering that the collar and the back probably hang like a bag.

    Street style

    Under the cocktail dress

    An unsurpassedly ingenious way to give a second life to the very dress in which you danced at the prom (if, of course, you can get into it). Olivia Palermo dress was found exactly as from the Russian school ball with the decor of silk roses, but due to the presence of a strict white top, the outfit does not make such an absurd impression.

    Street style

    Underwear or Corset Top

    A young Gwen Stefani style idea as part of the No Doubt group, which is built on various operas - a bright hipster print coat, ripped jeans and a leather bodysuit, which without the help of a shirt would look too vulgar and defiant.

    Street style

    How to Baska

    At school, we were taught to dress the shirt in a skirt, and now you can, on the contrary, wear her navypusk, as if this is the second skirt (or the Basque is a decorative element on clothes, which everyone went crazy a few years ago), and thus find use short tops and sweaters in an urban environment and a cool spring climate.

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