• What is the name of women?

    Probably, no woman of the weaker sex can characterize her man with just one word. If you give her the opportunity, she will talk about him for several hours. There would be listeners. And men, unlike women, are able to give the girl a characteristic in one word. If a man says that this girl is a dynamo, then everything is clear to everyone around. Let's consider in this article what a man calls a woman - affectionate nicknames.

    The interpretation of female nicknames

    If your man calls you caressing nicknames, it doesn’t mean that he forgot what your name is. For example:

    • Bunny. Your man compares himself with a hunter, and today you are the one that appears as prey. But let it be understood by your arrow that it’s not worth chasing two hares, otherwise you can lose everyone.
    • Pussy. If a man calls you a pussy, cat or kitten, then this indicates its soft nature. Such a man is very romantic. Next to him will be a very cozy girl, in which the maternal instinct has awakened.
    • Considering the way women are called men, one cannot but mention the favorite “fish”. Such fishermen are not quite constant in their choice, and can catch "fish" anywhere.To prevent this from happening, after marriage, you can turn into a terrible fish saw.
    • Sweetheart Think about it, maybe your elect is with you because of material gain? Not really nice when you are appreciated. And besides, gold is inanimate metal.
    • Sun. If they call you that way, then be prepared for the fact that from time to time you will be taken to parties and show off to your friends in order to show off. You need to always keep the brand, because there are quite a few such “suns”.
    • Bun or Donut. So call a beloved woman, a man can only in two cases. The first is if you feed him poorly, and he always goes hungry, and the second if you are trying to gently hint at those extra pounds.
    • Sweetheart. If it is a derivative of the word "paw", then it is pretty offensive. Well, what girl can be like a part of the animal body?
    • By last name. If a man is "familial," then he just wants to order. And in this way requires to recognize him as the leader of the pack. He is seeking submission.
    • Derivatives on behalf of. You are lucky. If you are not called by any nicknames, it means that only you are called that way. After all, who knows how much he had a "zaek" or "fish" before you.And so, you are special and unique. But there is a small minus. Perhaps your chosen one is jealous and wants to own you completely.
    • Kid. Behind this appeal lies a sea of ​​tenderness for your person.
    • Pretty. If they call you that, it means that you should not shout, make trouble, and resist. You have already identified your role. You must smile and always be sweet.


    Now you know how women are called males. But to know for sure that no one except you can hide behind a petting nickname or nickname. Listen to the intonation, and your heart will tell you the correct answer. Loving you so called.

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