• Angelica Varum does not hide his age

    At a concert in Krasnoyarsk, the singer made the entire hall dance and reminded her of the year she was born.
    Angelica Varum
    Angelica Varum is in excellent shape, and this fact she emphasizes with her outfits
    Photo: Anna Alekseeva
    The team of Leonid Agutin on the third season of the show “Golos. Children”
    The team of Leonid Agutin in the third season of the show “Voice. Children"
    Photo: instagram.com/agutinleonid

    On the way to the concert, I remembered the unpleasant incident that had happened to Agutin and Varum two years ago during a tour in Siberia. The couple arrived in Krasnoyarsk, but then in March 2014, Angelica did not enter the stage. Recall that before the tour in our city Agutin and his wife in the Kemerovo region were involved in an accident. In Krasnoyarsk, Agutin eventually performed alone, while Varum rested at the hotel because she was having a hard time singing. By the way, the singer was restored after this accident then four months ...

    This time, the fans saw a star couple on the stage in full strength. The Esperanto group and the dancers from Swans funk helped them on stage.

    Angelika Varum (Anjelika Varum)

    “I observe myself and my peers, which we all became serious and lyrically minded, a little sarcastic, a little bit of everything from the side, a little bit all with such contemplation,” Angelika Varum addressed to the Krasnoyarsk people. “And from time to time it makes me very sad, because joy and courage disappear somewhere.” I have a request for you: stand up for one or two songs from your seats!

    Then, in order to convince the audience to make a disco in the Grand Concert Hall, the singer said that she saw many of her peers in the hall, and without any modesty reminded her of how old she was:

    Angelika Varum (Anjelika Varum)

    - 1969, raise your hands! Let's remember our dashing 90s.

    By the way, Angelica Varum really doesn’t have any complexes about age. A solo concert is planned for her in St. Petersburg on April 9, as in all the tickets it is written in large letters: “Angelica Varum is 45 years old” ...

    Leonid Agutin and Angelika Varum
    Leonid Agutin and Angelica Varum - a sample of a happy star family
    Photo: Anna Alekseeva

    Leonid Agutin at the concert told the audience how he first visited Krasnoyarsk:

    Leonid Agutin

    - It was in 1989. I spoke at the opening session at Aziza.Do you know what I dreamed about then? So that they take me to the next trip too ... They did not take me to the next trip, but now I am not very worried about this topic. Something is changing. Some things seem ridiculous afterwards ... I remembered this concert hall very well. There is such a configuration behind the scenes, it is all so original that it is impossible not to remember.

    The singer recalled the incident, during the winter trip that composer Oleg Beskrovny, who wrote the song “My dear, your smile” for Aziza, went to the forest in Krasnoyarsk for an argument ... for mushrooms! Found. Then, really, I caught a cold ...

    In addition, Agutin pleased the fans with the news that in April he released a new album called “Just about the Important”, and performed a couple of new songs.

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