• And today, an apartment without a realtor really remove? If so, how? Unehochetsya overpay money back to back :-)

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    Answered on November 26, 2014 16:12
    In my experience it is almost impossible, unless you personally are not familiar with the people who rent or rent this apartment. All ads on the Internet, and in the newspapers, where do not call, everywhere are given by realtors. Probably it’s simpler and more reliable for the owners than to be engaged in the delivery of housing and the search for clients. It is superfluous for those who shoot, but even here, as they say, there is no evil without good. Typically, realtors have an extensive housing base and they can pick up the right area, price, even floor, if this is important for you. I do not think that independent searches will be as fast and productive. Therefore, it may be worth taking a little money and still use real estate services, for the apartment you find will meet all your requirements.
    Carol scott
    Carol scott
    Answered on April 12, 18:51
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    George Petrov
    George Petrov
    Answered on April 27 21:42
    Yes, it's over! Whenever I need, I rent an apartment here. The site where you can rent accommodation without intermediaries. Very comfortable, no need to go anywhere.

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