• An interesting and bright manicure cat eye

    The stone cat's eye bewitches and beckons with its beauty. And if you really like it, then transfer it to your ... nails! Yes, now it is possible, but it is important to prepare the necessary means and do everything according to the rules.

    What it is?

    Manicure "Cat's eye" is an effect that looks like a stone with a corresponding name. That is, in the center of the plate, an area is created in which the light is reflected. It flickers and resembles a cat's eye with a vertical light stripe.

    But how is the flickering area created? The fact is that a special tool is used for the coating. In addition to the pigment and other components, it contains small metal particles, similar to glitter or sparkling dust. But it also uses a magnet to which these particles attract, accumulating and forming a vertical line. Everything ingenious is simple, but amazing.

    What is required?

    Before embarking on a manicure, you should prepare all the necessary tools or fixtures. Here is what you need:

    • Special gel-lacquer with the effect of a cat's eye. As noted above, it contains the smallest metal particles interacting with a magnet. Such brands as “Lianail”, “TNL Magnet”, “Bluesky CAT EYE” deserve special attention.
    • Baf
    • The liquid that you usually use for degreasing nails.
    • Manicure set.
    • Basic tool and finish.
    • Magnet (of course, specialized).
    • UV lamp.
    • Napkins for manicure without lint.


    So, how to make a cat's-eye manicure?

    1. First you need to prepare your nails: completely remove from them the old coating, give shape and make a regular manicure. Then degrease the plates to increase grip.
    2. To ensure that the coating is as stable as possible, the basic tool should be used. Cover them with nail plates and dry the layer using an ultraviolet lamp (turn it on for about two or three minutes).
    3. Next, use the main gel polish with a cat's eye effect. How do I apply it? Usually, like any other varnish. If it is liquid, then you will need two layers (the second is applied after the first has dried).
    4. Immediately after applying the product, bring the magnet closest to the nails and hold it for about 10 or 15 seconds,so that all the metallic particles are attracted and form a flickering line.
    5. Apply a topcoat.
    6. Then dry the nails in the ultraviolet lamp for about 3-4 minutes.
    7. Scrub the surface of the nails with a lint-free cloth.


    A few helpful tips that will make the coating perfect and resistant.

    • To enhance the effect, you can apply a black lacquer under a specialized tool with the effect of a cat's eye.
    • Do not make the layer too thick, in which case the effect will be less pronounced.
    • You can use not the usual thin vertical magnet, but the figured one. Then instead of the usual stripes on the nails will remain interesting flickering patterns. And it looks very original!
    • Complete the “Cat's Eye” manicure with a design, but do not overdo it, because the accent should be exactly the effect. For example, you can stick the rhinestones on the nail plates of the ring fingers or add them with patterns: prints of cat paws, corresponding animalistic prints (leopard spots, tiger stripes) or images of cats.
    • Before using a cat's-eye lacquer, actively shake the bottle so that the metal particles are mixed with the other components and distributed in composition.In addition, you can slightly heat the contents by compressing the package in the palms (this will make the product less dense and provide a more comfortable application).
    • The closer you bring the magnet to the plate, the more pronounced the effect will be. But do not touch the nail, otherwise you just smear varnish.
    • Even if you understand how to do a manicure, you should not get to work. First, practice on an artificial nail or on any flat surface to understand how the tool works, how to handle it correctly.
    • If the varnish is light, then it is better to apply in two layers. Or put a dark background under it, then the flickering pattern will be more pronounced.
    • It is important to use a quality magnet with a powerful attracting effect, otherwise the strip will be almost invisible, since the particles will move to the center in an incomplete way.
    • If you want to make the strip wider and barely noticeable, then do not hold the magnet to the nails too close, but move it away a little. The distance may be about 5-7 millimeters. But if the fixture is held too far, it will not affect the metal particles at all.
    • It is not necessary to position the magnet strictly vertically.You can hold it horizontally or even diagonally, it all depends on your imagination.
    • To prolong the life of the coating, avoid negative or aggressive effects on it, such as temperature drops, detergents, acids, solvents, and so on. All homework is best done in thick rubber gloves.

    If you are interested in the “Cat's Eye” manicure, then get everything you need, study the instructions and start creating such an amazing effect on your nails!

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