• Amulets from Israel: Jerusalem candles and nominal pendants

    The famous 33 candles from Jerusalem have the power of fire and the energy of purification. Inflaming them, the ancient force is released, which envelops the whole dwelling, as if a dense blanket, protecting your family from any adversity and trouble.

    Indeed, in our world there are negative substances invisible to the eye that can easily cause irreparable harm to our health and the health of our relatives. And there is no stronger and more effective protection today than the real Jerusalem 33 candles brought from the Promised Land itself.

    Their strength is so great that after a few days after the ritual of burning candles in your life long-awaited changes will begin. You immediately feel a surge of strength and energy, your health will become much stronger and the mood will always be on top. Family disagreements that have taken place recently in your life suddenly disappear and an unprecedented calm and truly coziness will occupy the dominant places in your home.

    In order to get 33 candles you need to visit the land of Israel on holidays or become a happy owner of the gifts from the pilgrims of this country. If this is not possible, and 33 candles have long conquered your heart, and it became a matter of honor for you to get them, then do not despair, since the original Israeli amulets brought from the Holy Land can be bought on the Red Thread website.

    Real Jerusalem candles feature the following features:

    - Their number is strictly limited and makes up just 33 candles - there can be several of them: one, two or three, namely, 33 candles that are connected in one bundle, symbolizing a particular number. Also, we offer you a large and small candle of David, which will help to clean your home or office from negative energy and protect it. It is not without reason that the star of David was decorated with the shield of King David, one of the greatest voivodes of all time.

    - True Jerusalem candles must be made in the holy land of Israel. Such candles are made manually by monks exclusively from beeswax. Thus, when lighting an Israeli candle, it should exude a subtle, subtle aroma of sweet honey.

    Named Suspension

    Surely each of us at least once in my life thought about the meaning of his own name? After all, the name given to us at birth with love and care by our fathers and mothers carries the necessary energy charge that leads us along clear lines of life. After all, it’s not for nothing that they say: “How you call a ship, it will sail like this” - this statement is directly related to us and you!

    The unique sequence of several letters of the alphabet is yours, and only your name, which is like a strong magic spell, is able to build and adjust destiny for the better, attracting happiness, luck and love, prepared for you by the mistress of life.

    Therefore, one should not ignore such Israeli charms as personalized pendants and pendants made of silver with the magic hands of famous masters-jewelers of the Promised Land. These are really working amulets that are executed in accordance with the practice of Kabbalah and carry in themselves the secret and magical power of your name. All products store and protect the code name, not allowing to disrupt the harmony and peace of mind of your inner world.

    Named pendants from Israel are their own protection against evil sights, words and negative energy that can in any way harm your life happiness and spiritual harmony.

    Believe me, this is very important and always relevant for each person, no matter what faith we belong to, from what country we are, and what status we have in society.

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