• Advantages and disadvantages of infrared saunas

    Today, there are more and more mentions of infrared saunas, which, like mushrooms, appear in beauty salons, fitness clubs, and even in ordinary home apartments. What is this miracle of technology and whether it does not harm in itself?

    Unlike conventional saunas, in infrared, between the human body and heating devices there is no intermediary, because the air in them is not heated. Infrared rays directly affect the person himself, while giving him about 90% of his total heat energy.

    Infrared saunas are a very unusual thing, they are installed in small cabins, which sometimes do not even resemble “traditional” steam rooms, many people are wary of such innovations with caution and disbelief.

    Sometimes they are similarly lined with wood, which adds usefulness to balls, however, the whole principle of operation is based on infrared heaters, which serve as "heaters".

    Some are convinced of the healing effects of infrared saunas, while some believe that they equally combine both benefit and harm, and therefore its use must be treated with caution. Let's try to understand this issue.

    What does an infrared sauna consist of?

    Infrared saunas, most often, are small cabins that can be sheathed with wood, and in certain parts of which are installed infrared heaters made of special ceramics. There are several of them: angular, rear and foot, which ensures uniform heating of the person.

    The temperature in the cabin itself is low, which significantly reduces the load on the heart, which happens in a conventional steam room. Infrared heaters emit heat waves, due to which the human body warms up, while they are perceived as soft and pleasant warmth. They are able to penetrate into the body to a depth of about 4 cm, which is several times more effective than, for example, in an ordinary Russian bath.

    Due to the even and more intense exposure of the rays, increased perspiration is provoked, with the result that the human body leaves a large percentage of toxins, slags and other harmful substances, which are eliminated along with sweat.Let's give a simple example: in an ordinary bath the human body loses about 95% and only 5% of them are harmful substances, fat and slag.

    In the infrared sauna, this percentage increases to 20%! But will such an impact be absolutely safe for human health? According to experts, such a procedure can bring absolute benefits only if it is used according to all the rules and does not forget about possible contraindications.

    Moments you need to know

    The length of infrared waves. The fact is that every object that has heat necessarily emits IR waves, which means that they are absolutely safe for the human body. But not everything is so simple. Our body also emits its invisible infrared rays, a wavelength that varies in the range of 6-20 microns.

    It is very important that the infrared sauna is set up correctly: its rays must have a wavelength that matches the human range, usually 7-14 microns, then they will be absolutely harmless to our body, of course, subject to the regime and duration of visiting the booth.

    The recommended length of the session is 20-30 minutes, it should not be forgotten that the infrared sauna is more powerful than other types of baths, which means that it can not be long in it.If there are any problems with heart or pressure, then the duration of stay is better to be reduced to 5-10 minutes.

    Also, visiting the infrared sauna, you must remember about the list of contraindications and individual features, in accordance with which it may be worth refusing to accept such procedures. So who should not use infrared saunas?

    • The presence of benign and malignant tumors.
    • Colds and infectious diseases, accompanied by high fever.
    • The presence of bleeding (menstrual, including).
    • Cachexia.
    • The active form of tuberculosis.
    • Some forms of diabetes.
    • Alcoholism.
    • The presence of purulent processes.

    Even without anything like the above list, but suffering from any disease, before going to the infrared sauna, it is better to consult with your doctor.

    Positive properties

    • Regular visits to infrared saunas can reduce the risk of stroke, thrombosis, heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases. Infrared rays gently heat the body, increase blood circulation, dilate blood vessels and reduce the level of harmful cholesterol.
    • The nervous system is strengthened, while the symptoms of insomnia, depression and nervous tension are reduced, a feeling of comfort, calmness and good mood appears.
    • The indications for visiting infrared saunas can be serious athletic activity, which leads to the accumulation of lactic acid in muscles, which provokes the occurrence of muscle pain. Infrared radiation activates the accelerated process of its output, and also saturates the body with oxygen, which, in turn, helps to restore vitality.
    • It strengthens the immune system and also affects the reduction of combat syndromes of various etiologies.
    • Experts argue that due to regular visits to IR saunas you can effectively lose weight. If, for example, you have it at home, then the daily 20-minute sessions burn the same amount of calories as with a 10-minute jog.
    • Improving the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, the acquisition of a healthy complexion. Due to increased blood circulation, cellulite can decrease or disappear altogether, and the skin on the problem areas becomes smoother and firmer.
    • General rejuvenation of the body, acceleration of regenerative processes, for example, splicing of fractures, healing of burns or bruises, and so on.
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