• A unique way of breeding trees and shrubs: when the survival rate is close to 100%

    It is easy to get seedlings of trees, bushes and indoor flowers, which have tree-like stems, using the air-laying method. The method is incredibly simple and does not require a special tool or any financial investment. It is much more important to create a comfortable seedlings for the future seedlings. Then the root system is formed quickly and will be viable. The survival rate with this method is almost 100%.

    Air layouts - guaranteed result in spring and autumn

    Using the method of air otvodkov implies careful handling of the plant - the donor. Damage to it is minimized. Roots are formed on the part of a growing stiff stalk. Branch escape from the main plant occurs immediately before planting.

    In the spring, air cuts can be obtained from well-wintered mature shoots. To do this, it is enough to completely remove the bark at a distance of 15-25 cm from the top and cover the exposed area with wet moss, earth or sawdust, providing a favorable environment for the formation of roots, and at the same time excluding the ingress of light.

    Having chosen a suitable shoot, we first separate the lateral branches and leaves that are located at a site of 15-30 cm from the top. It is here that you need to remove the bark in a circle. This will ensure the concentration of nutrients at the root site. The remaining actions are similar to spring processing.

    The ideal environment for the formation of roots - swamp moss. He is able to provide access to air and at the same time perfectly retains moisture. The main thing on the eve of the procedure is to soak it overnight in water. In the morning, it will only be necessary to squeeze the moss slightly, to form a ball of 6-7 cm in diameter from it and, tearing it up, place it around the stem in the area where the bark is removed. Next, cover the moss with a piece of film (ideally black) and fix it at the top and bottom of the trunk with electrical tape. It is important to protect the place of cutting from excess moisture.

    For otvodov indoor plants an alternative to cellophane can be a plastic cup. In this case, the rain is not terrible. In this case, it is worthwhile to make sure that the moss or other nutrient mixture remains moist.

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