• A bit about "DIY - Step by Step"

    Do it yourself - Step by Step- a site-club about needlework for adults and children, for beginners and experienced craftsmen and skilled workers. Here you will find photo and video workshops with a detailed description. Large selection of both simple and complex crafts and projects. Do-it-yourself furniture, paper crafts, modeling, cooking, modding, knitting, beadwork, embroidery, clay crafts, toys with your own hands - all this and much more is collected on our website.

    Do it yourself - Step by step- will help you to get distracted from everyday life and discover the creative side of your personality. We will tell you how to decorate your home and make your loved ones happy with amazing things done with your own hands; how to conduct joint handicraft with children, to develop creative inclinations in the child.

    Do it yourself - Step by step in social networks:

    Do something with your own hands - it will cheer up not only you, but also those around you.

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