• Beautiful flower from simple motifs

    There are many ways to crochet. It is sometimes quite difficult for a beginner to knit at once to master complex and very beautiful techniques, but one always wants to create something beautiful, but not very difficult. There is a way out of this situation and now I will show it to you. In this master class I will teach you to knit simple motifs, from which we will fold a beautiful flower - a stand for the hot. Looking at such a flower, you will never think that a beginner was knitting it. Materials needed for work:
    • Hook number 2, for yarns of medium thickness.
    • Scissors.
    • Yarn of several colors. I chose yellow, lilac, and green.
    • Needle and thread, for stitching motifs.
     Yarn of several colors
    Knit eight air loops or tie around Amigurumi loop with eight non-crochet posts. Thus, we create the first row - the basis of our motive. Now we knit three lift air loops and three more crochets. The second row will consist of sixteen double crochets.We distribute them two in each column of the lower row. Between every four columns we knit six air loops. So, we knit four double crochets, six air loops, again four double crochets, and so on until the end of the row.
     we tie it with double crochets We will knit the third row in a different color. Just tie it with double crochets. We tie the air loops with seven double crochets.
     begin to knit the following
    The fourth row consists of solid columns without single crochet. Do not forget in the corners in one lower column to knit two columns without crochet, so that the corner is not rounded, but remains less sharp.
    petal ready
    So, we have one motive ready, we begin to knit the following. In the same way as we knit the first motif, we create four more new ones. You should have five identical motifs in total.
     a lot of petals
    And now the most interesting thing is to start forming our flower.We take two motives and bend them one by one corner. We sew the folds of one motive with another. Try to sew so that the hole in the place where the air loops, remained at the curved corners. In this case, the curved corners will form a beautiful petal of the same color with a thin edging.
     sew flower petals
    Bend the near corner of an already sewn motif and apply the following motive to it with a bent corner, sew the joints. Similarly, we continue to sew motifs until we have a whole flower and five beautiful petals.
     Beautiful Flower
    That's how we got such a beautiful and unusual stand. To make the petals less convex, sprinkle the product with water and iron the stand with an iron. After that, the inner petals will become less voluminous and will fall down almost flush with the extreme petals. Now you will feel more confident and you will understand that even with your level of knowledge in crochet, you are able to create beautiful and original things. You can link several of these coasters, for example, under the tea service, which usually consists of six cups and a teapot.Such a set will be a great gift to your mother or friend and they will be doubly pleased, because you will do all this with your own hands.
     Beautiful flower with your own hands

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