• 7 types of Christmas cookies that you want to eat all year round

    Making such a cookie is so easy that you can cook it every day. At the same time it is quite beautiful and festive, to decorate the New Year's table. You can prepare treats in advance and free up time for other pleasant troubles. Decorating Christmas sweets is a pleasant duty. But, undertaking too complicated recipes, you can face a strong disappointment. In order not to spoil your mood and not to lose face with the guests, take note of these simple recommendations.

    With the right recipe, creating New Year treats will be a pleasant experience. Guests will be delighted with the original design of the usual sweets, and you can have a good time, instead of standing for hours at the stove. Have a nice cooking!

    1. Sugar cookies “Santa Claus Blizzard”.

    For such a dessert, you need the usual cookie dough. The whole secret is in the way of registration.Twist the dough into a roll, making a filling of colored sugar. You can add regular food coloring. Christmas mood is provided!

    2. Mint Cupcakes

    Although this dish looks very sophisticated, it is quite simple to make it. Pour some chocolate in the form, in the middle there is a filling made from crushed cookies with cream cheese, with the addition of mint liqueur. If desired, you can decorate cupcakes with powder or decor for baking. After that, pour the second layer of chocolate on top and into the fridge to set.

    3. Gingerbread cookies.

    If the Christmas and New Year holidays take too much energy, you can restrict yourself to the simplest recipe. Just add in the usual cookie dough for spices: ginger, cinnamon and a little cloves. These livers are ready in 30 minutes. You can start their stove before the arrival of guests - the smell of spices will set everyone up for a festive mood.

    4. Sugar cookies in the form of deer.

    With the help of a simple decor, the most common cookies easily turn into a true symbol of Christmas. You need only a few drops of chocolate glaze and M & Ms candies for decoration. With a red nose - Santa's favorite, deer Rudolph!

    5. Shortbread cookie.

    For such a treat, you will have to get only three ingredients: butter, sugar and flour. Cut the dough with molds or a glass and send to the oven for 40 minutes. You can add a little decor. It seems to be just such a cookie to treat Santa Claus.

    6. Mint snowballs.

    For many, New Year and Christmas are associated with snow and outdoor games. Cookies decorated with icing sugar will add a frosty mood at a warm festive table. A mint flavor will enhance the feeling of freshness.

    7. Sweet snowmen.

    A few drops of colored and chocolate glaze, candy M & Ms for buttons, and your cookie turns into fun snowmen that will delight both adults and children. The basis must be made of three balls of shortbread dough.

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