• 7 signs of bad taste

    Is taste in clothes a quality inherent or acquired by own experience and with the help of the right sources for inspiration? There are so many books written on this topic that the question still seems to be sharp and ambiguous. Is it possible, for example, to be sloppy, always leave stains on clothes after each meal and at the same time have an excellent style? And if you are “forty,” which in sales pulls into the house everything that costs a penny, and then stores it in three closets, is it possible that from this variegated variety you still learned how to make elegant and worthy combinations? And if the style is in the details, then does this mean that with the selection of the main things it is excusable and “adjusted”? Perhaps it is easier to explain good taste from the opposite - signs and features that repel, impose, scream, annoy and disturb the whole picture with their presence.

    Lots of open body

    It seems that in our sexually liberated time to talk about too deep cleavage and too high cuts - this is some kind of grandmother's gossip.Designers today have suggested to us even how to wear underwear instead of clothes, but that didn’t fundamentally change anything. A short T-shirt with microshorts, as well as a mini-dress with a half-open bust, still create the feeling that the body is being demonstrated so persistently, as if it were some kind of product that urgently (and quickly does not mean expensive) need to be sold, the buyer is interested in a commonplace approach. And on that and decide the deal.

    7 signs of bad taste

    Stash items

    Good taste is often confused with excessive selectivity in things, although this is far from its key feature. Taste - it is also in close, trusting and tender relations with the clothes you already have. This is a finished edge, zipped up to the end, no yellowness. In things, it is not so much a novelty that is important, how much harmony of form, when the bag does not “frown”, like a cheap bag from a supermarket, and a sweater doesn’t add up to an accordion, as if someone’s dog was just chewing it.

    Sweet haunting perfume

    About smells and their semi-magical properties in the matter of making a first impression, it would be worth writing a separate treatise with quotations from Perfume.And to describe the psychological portraits of lovers of different smells. But we will focus only on the sweet brazen fragrance, which does not just smell like importunate, as if breaking into the personal space of another person, but gives out in a woman a desperate temptress (not to be confused with desperate) - one that, like a ripe fruit, if nobody eats it now.

    Gold, silver and platinum chases

    You seem to be trying to convince the whole world that you are the heir to the treasures of some ancient family, whose women went down to breakfast in diamonds and sapphires. And some manage to mix a silver skirt with a gold handbag and a bronze necklace and do not even think for a moment that such a kit immediately evokes associations with the museum showcase of the stolen goods during the bloody Crusades.

    7 signs of bad taste

    Celebrity copying

    In the era of social networks, it is fitting to come up with a proverb that says: tell me who your subscribers are, and I will tell you who you are. If the legislators of online fashion are listed Buzova with Kardashian, and their passionate fan buys cosmetics for konturinga and varnish nude hairpins on the platform,What good taste are we talking about? After all, style is in self-respect and originality, and not in replicating pseudo-sexual clothes paid by someone.

    Worn shoes

    Smart girls always spend on shoes a little more than on clothes. And not because all the magazines punished them, and not because the shoes are a fetish (although it’s true what you say), but because the shoes tend to speak quietly about your style. Quiet, because attention is not always immediately drawn to it. And it is intelligible, because cheap ballet flats with a rubber platform are not to be confused with anything: they are strangely put out when they try on in the store, but not all girls inspect the shoes from behind when buying.

    Too many accessories

    Do you know the difference between holiday trees in Russia and in Europe? At us they are hung with toys to the point that even the green color disappears under such a shelter, and they are decorated with a minimum of toys - and always in the same style and in two or three colors. We love artificial trees, because they don’t need more toys and needles, and the Europeans demand live trees, fragrant, even if they are small in size, but real.That's the same with accessories: when someone is full of them, immediately and want to make a conclusion - he is somehow ugly, unreal, hiding his naturalness under a pile of tainted decor.

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