• 7 Best Luster for the Eyes

    At fashion shows, instagram accounts of beauty bloggers and famous makeup artists have firmly established a new trend - wet eye makeup. Despite the fact that he is far from being everyone and often gives his eyes soreness, we will see a make-up in this style on the streets of the city more than once. And not even on the sophisticated beauty-shoots, who cannot pass by the novelty, but on quite ordinary girls walking in the park. We disassemble the basics of moist eye makeup, and the 7 best eye shadows for help!

    What is glitter for eyelids?

    In fact, the same as for the lips, but for other uses. This product (aygloss in a different way) differs from ordinary eye shadows and pencils with a glossy, even more precisely lacquer, almost mirror gloss. It looks in front of the eyes, well, very effectively, although it does not last long, even if you put a base under the makeup before it. Shades of brilliance are very diverse - from transparent to brightly pigmented, with sparkles and without. In addition to a little stamina, aygloss has another drawback: if the remedy is not applied correctly, there is a risk that the eyes will look tear-stained or sick.
    The luster for the eyelids is a rather fatty texture that does not fit well on top of other cosmetics, but you can manage and spread aigloss over matte shadows for a more interesting effect. It is enough to use a dense flat brush (or even a finger), gently shading the gloss of the eyelid. By the way, applying aiglos with a fluffy brush is not recommended. First, the hairs of the tassels will stick together, and you will be tortured to wash it. Secondly, evenly the luster will not fall on the eyelids, and it will result in something muffled, mushy and inaccurate.

    Top-7 gloss for the eyes

    Eye Gloss, 3ina

    The young Spanish brand 3ina was one of the first to create eye-shine, with a very good quality and convenient packaging. To apply the product, you do not need to buy a brush or an applicator in addition - the manufacturer has taken care of this by equipping the tube with a dense sponge, which easily shines and blurs. The product is applied in a thin layer, creates a moist glossy gloss, not too sticky (which most similar products can not boast) and moderate fat content. To date, The Eye Gloss can be purchased in four shades: transparent, peach, plum and pink.

    Eyeshadow Eye Gloss, 3ina

    Eyeshadow Gloss, 3ina (850 rub.)

    Eye Gloss, Tom Ford

    Non-sticky, dressed in the usual format for all lip gloss. It has an applicator, so it is not necessary to go shopping frantically in search of a suitable one. The choice of shades is very limited - there are only two: transparent and transparent black. This aygloss can be used as a standalone tool, as well as a glossy finish, giving any shine a mirror shine. And yes, the unique texture and formula will not let the shadows under the glitter smudge and turn into porridge - everything will look very acceptable, moist and stylish.

    Eyeshadow Eye Gloss, Tom Ford

    Eyeshadow Gloss, Tom Ford (3 740 rubles)

    Smithereens Of Stars, Rouge Bunny Rouge

    Transparent liquid gloss with airy texture without the effect of stickiness gives the look shine. The product does not contain wax, so it does not weight the eyelid, but it perfectly nourishes, soothes and moisturizes delicate skin due to the presence of calendula and centella in the composition of the extracts. It lays well over pigmented shadows, but after a few hours the gloss will dissolve them, and they will “float away” together. On the other hand, this chip of all lip gloss will be ideal for creating a sloppy grunge-style make-up! By the way, this aygloss can be safely applied over the eyebrows, fixing their shape, and used for lips.It also mixes well with dry pigments and glitter, allowing you to create completely insane makeup.

    Eyeshadow Smithereens Of Stars, Rouge Bunny Rouge

    Glitter for a century Smithereens Of Stars, Rouge Bunny Rouge (2 000 rub.)

    Studio Eye Gloss, M.A.C

    The brilliance of the professional brand was created to meet the needs of famous makeup artists and their need to create wet eye makeup at fashion shows. Now, the aygloss from M.A.C is available to “mere mortals”, and there is no need to even suffer when applying it. The glitter is rather sticky, it has a shimmer that effectively glows even without the sun and the light of spotlights. The tool has a gel and rather dense texture, does not contain wax and is easily distributed over the eyelid. Aygloss is presented in four shades: Pearl Varnish, Lightly Tauped, Medoc and Noticeably Noir. Each of them looks amazing on the eyelids, creating a moist flickering play. Thanks to the plant extracts contained in the gloss, it soothes, cares and moisturizes the delicate skin of the eyelids.

    Glitter for Eyes Studio Eye Gloss, M.A.C

    Glitter for the Eye Studio Eye Gloss, M.A.C (1 380 rub.)

    Lid Lacquer, NYX

    Even not shine, and a varnish for a century, but effect one - eyes turn out wet. The tool is presented in two shades: transparent and black. The latter is especially suitable for creating sensual smokey, while the former is ideal for nude makeup. The consistency of the gloss is rather sticky and tough, it can be applied over the shadows, but this should be done carefully.to make-up does not turn into a messy mess of indistinct hue. The best use is as a separate tool.

    Gloss for a century Lid Lacquer, NYX

    Eyeliner Lid Lacquer, NYX (590 rub.)

    Eye Gloss, Dior

    Glitter-shade with a gel consistency promise a cooling effect, as well as a unique glow, a wet finish and freshness of makeup. Unobtrusive shimmering particles create the impression of a watery surface on the eyes, in which the rays of the sun are reflected. Glitter is applied in one motion with an ideally even layer, provides durability up to 4 hours without clogging and promises water resistance. Like lip gloss, this product has a convenient applicator for application. The only disadvantage that users note: it is inconvenient to apply this aygloss in two layers after the first one dries, as it begins to roll. Glitter for a century is presented in four pearl-shimmering shades.

    Eye Gloss Eye Gloss, Dior

    Glitter for the Eye Eye Gloss, Dior (2 800 rub.)

    Eye Gloss, Bobbi Brown

    Bobbi Brown presented a glitter for the eyes in three nude shades: Beach Nude, Nude and Island Pink (available only in some countries). Like all aigloss, the consistency of this tool is liquid, moderately sticky and light. Thanks to the perforated applicator, it is convenient to dose gloss and apply to the eyelids.It lays perfectly on top of the shadows and begins to roll and dim only after 5 hours. It is better not to apply this shine in several layers, as it begins to flow into the corners of the eyes, causing not the most pleasant sensations.

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