• "50 shades of gray - 2", the first trailer

    On February 9, the adventures of a naive and timid Anastacia in the harsh world of BDSM will continue ... She will again try to save Mr. Gray, a young, successful businessman who loves to dominate and subdue. Yes, you understood correctly, we are waiting for the second part of the adaptation of the ambiguous novel of the British writer E.L. James, who is made to either love or hate. The first part, as we remember, despite the expectations placed on it, failed at the box office. But the continuation has a chance: firstly, this time James Fowley (“The House of Cards” and “Twin Peaks”) is responsible for the shooting; secondly, watch the trailer carefully - Kim Basinger appears for a second, who got the role of Mrs. Robinson (for those who did not read, Christian Gray’s former mistress, in fact, introduced him to BDSM). And finally, third, the hero Jamie Dornan was made (or, at least, tried to be done) more courageous.

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