• 45-year-old Gwyneth Paltrow posted a "naked pregnant" photo

    In a candid snapshot of the actress a single gram of retouching and photoshop.

    Naked and pregnant. 45-year-old Gwyneth Paltrow has intrigued her fans by posting her candid photo with her pregnant belly. No retouching and photoshop. It can be seen that the picture was taken in the bedroom on an amateur camera by a very close person. However, as it turned out, congratulating the actress on the upcoming replenishment is not worth it.

    Photo: @gwynethpaltrow

    It turned out that this photo is already 14 years old. Then Gwyneth bore her first child - a daughter, who was named Apple, which means “apple” in English. On May 14, the girl turned 14 years old. As the actress told, the picture was taken on the day of birth.

    Later, Paltrow posted a photo of her grown-up daughter, accompanying the picture with touching words.

    “Happy birthday, my dear girl. Thanks to you every day for me like Christmas morning. You are the brightest, cheerful fidget, beautiful (inside and out) young woman. You are an amazing thinker.The songs you write are incredible! Thank you for still chatting with me, although you are 14. ”

    Photo: @gwynethpaltrow

    Looking at the photo, you make sure that the apple does not fall far from the apple: Gwyneth and Apple are very similar.

    By the way, in due time Apple could easily become Brad Pitt. In the 90s, Gwyneth and Brad met and were even engaged, but the actress left the main handsome Hollywood, because she was not ready for marriage.

    A few years later she met the musician Chris Martin, a member of the group Coldplay. They have been married for 10 years, becoming parents of their daughter Epple and son Moses.

    And in 2014, the actress again converged with Brad. But not with actor Brad Pitt, but with producer Brad Falchak. They met on the set of the TV series "Choir." In the winter of this year, lovers announced their engagement, and in April they secretly played a wedding.

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