• 20 inexpensive and practical plans to build a chicken coop in the country

    4. Chicken palace, made by own hands

    If you are planning to give royal respect to your chickens, build just such a chicken coop for them. There is enough space for 6 chickens, but this plan can be modified and enlarged house. The building looks aesthetically pleasing and can be a real decoration of the courtyard.

    5. Easy to install two-storey chicken coop

    This coop is also built from used materials.

    6. Country house for chickens

    A log house for a chicken coop is a great solution. Chickens in it will be warm in the winter, if you think about year-round breeding of poultry.

    7. Chicken coop in Swedish style

    The red and white colors of this chicken coop resemble houses in northern Sweden and look elegant! Building such a bird house is also quite easy. Its cost will depend on the materials you choose to build.

    8. Coop for $ 50

    A small chicken coop, which still has enough space for a few birds.It is raised above the ground, which provides chickens safety from rodents and animals. The construction will be cheap enough.

    9. Hand-made mini chicken house

    Build a portable mini chicken coop is not difficult. First, a small house-yurt-sized dog kennel is built, then it is complemented by poles and a nest for 1-3 chickens.

    10. Coop mini farm

    This farm-style chicken coop looks really good. It is quite simple to build, despite the seemingly difficult plan. In your yard such a chicken coop will look great! Collect eggs in it is also not difficult.

    11. Another very simple chicken coop

    Such a chicken coop can be built and installed anywhere. There is enough space for several chickens. Make sure that the floor of the chicken coop was sufficiently strengthened and inaccessible to rodents.

    12. Spacious Chicken Coop

    The construction plan is quite simple. The final stage - painting the chicken coop. This will give him the look of a cute little house. Birds in it will be spacious and they will be reliably protected from animals.

    13. Coop in the shape of a hangar

    The design of the coop hangar is unique, it is of good height, the layers in it are spacious and safe.Part of the building is made of wood, part of the grid. Gathering eggs in such a chicken coop will be easy.

    14. Portable PVC Coop Coop

    This is a plan to build a portable chicken coop out of PVC pipes. Wheels are attached to the rear wall for easier movement.

    15. Quick and easy to build a chicken coop.

    There is enough space for 4-5 birds. Purchase of materials will cost approximately 2500 rubles. Paint this little chicken house in bright colors and it will become a real decoration for your summer cottage!

    16. Chicken Coop

    If you already have wood trim in the yard, building this chicken coop will cost you very cheaply!

    17. Coop with "shingles"

    The shingles for this chicken coop are made from used aluminum cans. To build the chicken coop itself will take about 10 hours.

    18. From the old pipe

    Coop from an old pipe and wooden pallets.

    19. Trampoline chicken coop

    Old trampoline can be turned into a summer hen house. Just add a few details: the mesh and the nest for the layers.

    20. Coop of used pallets

    If you already have several wooden pallets (pallets) at your disposal, this idea may be quite suitable for you.It is enough to set the pallets on top of one another, then all that remains is their framing, adding perches and nests.

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