• 18 dogs not expecting you to come home so early

    What do pets locked up do when their owners leave for business? Many naively believe that they curl up on the bed, sadly peeking out the window in anticipation. No matter how it is. They lead their secret life. The only way to make sure of this is to install video surveillance cameras or ... come home early)))

    Dogs-no-waiting, duennos-fb.

    Dogs-no-wait-duennosI just wanted to check that there is enough beer ... no dogs no waiting duennos 001Warm water. You can swim. Dogs-no-wait-duennosYou did not see anything! no dogs no waiting duennos-002It was very cold … no dogs no waiting duennos-003I just wanted some money for goodies. no dogs no waiting duennos-004I wanted to choose my clothes! no dogs no waiting duennos-005We just played ... no dogs no waiting duennos-006How is it not a bath?

    no dogs no waiting duennos-007

    no dogs no waiting duennos-008Lipstick? No, I have not.

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