• 10 stars that ate a barrel at the waist

    While some celebrities do not go out of the gym, others do not deny themselves croissants.

    The world is divided into two parts: they alone do what they are dieting or eating right, going to cardio and weight training. The second refers to body positivists who enjoy life no matter what size they are. They are not shy about their fat folds and not be afraid to show them. Among celebrities, there are also quite a few girls who do not want to get rid of the sides at the waist.

    For example, the famous singer Taylor Swift has been recovering for a year now, but she is not at all ashamed of it. The star as if specially puts on mini and fitting dresses in which fatty folds are visible on a waist.

    Model Naomi Campbell in his 48 years looks so cool that designers still call her to defile on the runway. She is trying to keep her body in shape even now, but this summer she developed a small fat layer, which Naomi will very quickly get rid of if she wishes.

    Even singer and dancer Jennifer Lopez has fat on her waist. Apparently, regular workouts can not help celebrities all the time to be in shape. Or she should not wear too tight leggings that end just below the waist.

    Irina Shayk was never very thin, but after giving birth the model relaxed somewhat. Now the star enjoys motherhood and clearly does not go to training. In the last photos of the paparazzi from the rest, it is clear that the star's waist was nowhere near as it was before.

    Everyone knows that the plus-size model Ashley Graham boasts voluminous hips and far from a thin stomach. However, the model still plays sports so that its body is elastic. This fat on the waist, which is visible to the naked eye, does not leave the celebrity.

    Alessandra Ambrosio, Rita Ora, Ashley Olsen, singer Kesha and Drew Barrymore can also boast waist-length sides.

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