• 10 great styles for decorating the kitchen: which one suits you?

    Sometimes you yourself may wonder what styles of interior design you like. Style is easier to feel with your eyes than with words. You recognize it when you look at the interior. And the snapshot that inspires you the most can cause some surprise. Think you know your kitchen style? Read the proposed material, and you will surely understand that you were mistaken.

    Kitchens in modern style

    The meaning of the word “modern” is quite broad, but when we think of kitchen design in the modern style, we see frameless cabinets, simple and smooth appliances, strict horizontal lines, natural materials and a small amount of jewelry.

    Rustic Kitchens

    "Worn", "poor" and "rough-hewn" - all these unflattering epithets hardly come to mind when we think about kitchens. But today, rustic design successfully competes with classic white spaces thanks to fireplaces, wood, vintage technology, stone and brick.

    Traditional Kitchens

    They can be recognized by the details.They include arches, decorative moldings and brackets, a combination of antique decoration of classical chandeliers. In any case, this interior design bears the imprint of the owner of the apartment.

    Kitchens in modern style

    Modern kitchens can be sleek and glossy, but while modern kitchens usually have a different structure and system, a modern room is usually more diverse in shape. You have more freedom. You can use decorative details of various styles.

    Transitional style in the interior of kitchens

    It combines the affability of classical design and the purity, simplicity of modern interior lines. Transitional style is quite harmonious. It represents a great deal of your imagination.

    Style Craftsman

    This interior design appeared at the beginning of the last century as a response to the mass bustle around the Victorian era. Rich wood, built-in modules, handmade tiles and conciseness still attract us.

    Cottage style kitchens

    Cozy, positive and unpretentious cottage kitchens return us to the pleasant times of easy and carefree existence.Soft colors, old technique, wooden floors and bright accents will not leave anyone indifferent.

    Classic style kitchen

    What is a classic? The answer may be different. However, white or cream lockers, simple architectural details and black accents still do not lose their relevance. Many owners are happy to prefer it to the classics.

    Mediterranean-style kitchens

    Wide hoods, hand-painted tiles, warm wooden cabinets, ceilings and cooking niches are just a few of the features that distinguish Spanish cuisines.

    Eclectic Kitchens

    Do you oppose certain styles and reject stereotypes? This is your apartment: you can combine different designs, create contrasts, choose harmonious solutions, mix up any ideas. Your main task is to create a kitchen that will differ not only by its attractive appearance. It is important to create a friendly atmosphere and take care of comfort.

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